Technical questions for the MPC2000xl and the MPC2000
By underflipped Sun Jun 01, 2008 12:57 pm
My mpc 2000 isn't hooked up to computer and Im wondering how people work with floppy disks. If you have a song on your computer and you want to sample it, floppys are too small to have the whole song on there so do you cut it down on the computer and then put it on the floppy? Can an MPC read a compressed file? Thanks.
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By MosDef Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:15 pm
i could't work with a floppy though some can and do.
For a few quid just get a zip drive, there cheap enough aren't they
By 4dahaterz Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:57 pm
underflipped wrote:My mpc 2000 isn't hooked up to computer and Im wondering how people work with floppy disks. If you have a song on your computer and you want to sample it, floppys are too small to have the whole song on there so do you cut it down on the computer and then put it on the floppy? Can an MPC read a compressed file? Thanks.

Sample that Mug from the computers audio output which it probably has a 1/8 inch coming from the computers sound card, to the RECORD IN inputs of the MPC which would be two 1/4 inch jacks for Stereo Right and Stereo Left input ..... Take this example that LampD posted in the forum from a guy that way tryna get it from his Grandmothers Ipod viewtopic.php?f=5&t=96512&p=865728&hilit=Ipod#p865728

by the way, how much sample time do you have a available, or how much memory do you have in that MPC
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By noramoss Sun Jun 01, 2008 2:20 pm
Lawd, I remember the days of working with SLOPPY DISKS! I still got over 300 of them in a box. I'll take a pic of them one day and post it. I couldn't take it working with floppy disks.. the slow upload, the having to use like 4 to 5 disks cause they only hold like 1.4mb of information. I got a scsiII on my mpc2000xl, so i got the wire and connected my iomega zip drive up to it as soon as i figure it out.. then i went and connected my iomega jazz drive up to it and it was a wrap since then. Jazz drives have too many glitches, they fail and are really bulky, so as soon as they made a card reader i got that installed where the floppy drive used to be and it's been uphill history since then.
yaLL need to just STOP working with floppy disks and zip disks.. floppies are dead, and zip disks are too bulky to be carrying around although i saw the zip drives get thinner the last time i looked and they can hold 250megs, but who wants to keep switching disks and have to plug up a zip drive to the machine and to an electrical outlet!?!?! If that's what you like doing.. extra work and how slow the zips upload. yeah it's fast compared to the sloppy.. i mean floppy, but the smart card is fast compared to the zip! floppies and zipz are basically obsolete! If your gonna stick with the 2000xl which is a great machine and has worked wonders for ya boy since the day I picked it up from SAM ASS! leastupgrade your **** and get the card reader installed.
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By 4dahaterz Sun Jun 01, 2008 2:35 pm
Yea brother.... every since i have had my 2000XL plus studio edition, maintaining upgrades and maintenance hasnt been cheap either(such as my right stereo output going out). But swapped out my floppy for Zip, then went to card reader, still got a SCSI ZIP as well, and a SCSI CD Player/Burner(Burner doesnt work with the SCSI)... Replaced the LCD Screen. I did everything myself except fix the right stereo output

but for money purposes, if you cant buy that, sample it in, and record ASAP, cause u want be able to save it unless you use hella floppies
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By noramoss Sun Jun 01, 2008 2:59 pm
no doubt homie.. but it push comes to shove, one can always just get an external hard drive and connect it to the scsiII drive.. that was the old way, but it still works. I still say hauling hefty bags of floppys or heavy ass zips around is a pima (pain in my @$$). I'd rather just get an external drive. jeez.. u've had a lot of maintanence and upkeep on your machine. did u buy it pre-used? I brought mine as soon as i saw they came out with the ones with scsiII on it. I actually wanna sell mine for $1000 and get a 2500. Only thing that ever went wrong with mine is that I left it in a hot closed room one summer for like an entire summer so the case kinda warped a lil like it's swollen. Looks like some of the buttons under the LCD screen are pushed in due to the warping, but they are actually fine. I wanted to get that fixed, the guy said i'd just have to get a new case. memory fully card reader.. scsiII.. just a lil dusty but that can be remedied.. for $1000.. I think that's a good price.. now that doesn't include shipping and handling.. or next day delivery.. one would have to add that into the equation once it's figured out.. damn u had a lot of problems with yours. but i knew it didn't make sense to install a zip drive when I could hook one up to the scsiII port. It didn't make sense to pay that extra money to do the same thing.
By 4dahaterz Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:16 pm
Well my brother.... When you have gotten a heck of a lot of use out of it, its been well worth the distance... Man I have had that thing on tours running shows straight MIDI, Studios, etc... But i did buy it brand new, and actually, just purchased a 5000(I like it, because you already know coming from a 2000XL a month ago, to a 5000 its like a dream). I didnt wanna go with Roland cause i been wit Akai, and they havent ever let me down when i needed them especially on stage and in studios. But the only problem I had was the Screen Lines and the Right Stereo Output. But I think im going to keep her, I have all types of people trying to get me to sell her. But it was my first MPC, i thought about it, and I decided, NO.

I payed like $2,000 for that beauty and she will shine bright everytime i cut the power on in my studio next to my 5000(thats going to stop soon though so I can keep it in good condition and do the screen doesnt mess up again). And she is fully loaded, 32mb, effects, 8 outs, etc... as far as you can take a 2000XL Studio plus edition(without getting artwork done on the case).

Although I do need to open her back up and fix the slider, but that could be minor, but thats the only problem with her at the moment.
By 4dahaterz Mon Jun 02, 2008 4:37 am
SUPREME FINESSE wrote:lol i sample in from you tube via my nintendo wii conected to the net since i dont have my cpu yet :lol:

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