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By ngyagi Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:49 am
Pretty new to MPC beat making, but loving the MPC1K. Grabbed a kp3+ to add to the workflow because I used to use a kp2 with electribe sampler many years ago.

Been playing around a bit and feeling that the kaoss effects are not really the right flavour and there's a whole heap I just don't use. Making mostly lofi instrumental hiphop.

So my radar has picked up on the existence of the sp404sx. I'm thinking of trading in the kp3 for one (don't want to have both) especially as it'd be a portable option for travelling with. And still has a decent fx array for resampling/jamming with the MPC.

Anyone using this combo or mpc+kp3 for hip hop production? Thoughts? Are there other stand alone beat production/fx units that would be worth considering?