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By OmegaStylesBC Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:48 pm
Hey guys! I wanted to ask here about connecting & monitoring when using a PCI-E soundcard. I've only ever used USB & FW, so things are a bit new to me as far routing, etc.

What I want is the ability to monitor any & all audio from the PC (browser, media players, DAWs) & my hardware gear connected to the ADA8200.

-Synths output to ADA8200 (MPC output would be 5 & 6 I forgot to put it in the picture)
-ADA8200 ADAT Out -> RME ADAT In (so that synth audio can reach the computer)
-RME Breakout Stereo XLR -> Stereo input on Mackie Big Knob (to monitor all PC audio, ie browser/DAW)
-Speakers & Headphones -> Mackie Big Knob

-ADA8200 Line Outs 1-2 -> Mackie Big Knob Stereo Input (to get audio from synths if ever the PC is turned off)

Here is a diagram I made up to show the setup, the best way I know how:

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By richie Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:06 am
Just wanted to chime in and give you props for having an RME PCI-E card.
By OmegaStylesBC Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:47 am
Cool, thanks Lampdog & Richie. I was so tired of dealing with Firewire & USB speeds, dropouts, etc.

Im on the MPC 1000 right now, so stereo out to ADA8200 lines 5 & 6 is all I can do for now, I think. There may be a way to utilize the MPC's digital out, but I'm not sure atm.

One more thing I just learned this afternoon... I wouldn't be able to use the ADA8200 as standalone without the PC, unless you do a type of "loopback" with the ADATs on it.

The Saffire Pro 40 & 18i20 (both gen 1 & 2) can be used as standalone ADAT units, so I think I could use the 18i20 in place of the ADA8200.

That way I could run stereo outs from the 18i20 & monitor my synths if I was ever without my PC, for whatever reason.
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By Lampdog Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:26 am
That is one of the reasons I bought the rme ufx, use it without pc. All configs can be done right then and there on the lil screen, even record to usb stick as wav audio.

I almost ended up with a liquid saffire, focusrite is also bomb with interfaces.