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By coolcalmmaurice Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:23 pm
So I currently have a MPC 1000 and I’m looking into getting a SP 404 to use it with. I just don’t know which SP to get. I know the og SP uses the same memory card as the MPC so I feel like that would be convenient and also the fx’s on the og are supposedly better. But it seems like the more popular one is the SX, I’ve seen a lot of vids online and they all seem to be using the SX. I mainly want to use it for effects and eventually live sets. For those of you who have a MPC and SP, which SP do you recommend? Thanks for the help
By Sharris Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:12 pm
I have the 404sx, MPC 500 & 2500 (used to have a 1000). I hear it doesn't have as grimey of a sound as the older sp's but if you plan to play live with it, I would go 404sx (it still has really good effects, plus if you have a computer you can pop the memory card into it or use usb). It's really fast & can hold as much memory as the memory card (I have a 16gb that works great & doesn't slow it down), with that big of a card you could fill the sp full of beats, I mean hours & hours & hours of memory.

I normally sample vinyl into the sx, add effects or eq or whatever, dump the samples/loops in an MPC, then chop & make the beat, then record my beat into the sx, while hittin mutes on the MPC & effects on the sx. MPC's & sp's go GREAT together.

I would put the og 404 at a close second, I heard the vinyl sim is better than the sx (but I don't use vinyl sim so I don't care). You might want to check how much memory it can hold tho (to see if it can hold enough beats for live play).

I'm considering getting a 303 or 505, but to go with what I have, I will never sell my sx, it goes everywhere with me (303, 505 & some of the other sp's do not take batteries). The 303 is slower than the sx & doesn't have a lot of memory, but not sure about the other sp's.....
By richie Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:35 am
The SP404 OG has the Lo-Fi effect which I believe is not present in the SP404 SX. The OG uses Compact Flash cards with a limit of 1GB and the SX uses SD cards but I cannot remember the max memory size it can use right now.

The only thing I mainly used my SP404 with was the Lo-Fi effect and I also messed around with the compression and overdrive fx on it. My only complaint about the Lo-Fi one that a lot of people seem to be gassed on is that it makes the low end in my opinion sound like sh*t as it loses low end frequency when it is enabled. So I'd mainly use it for percussive based samples for the most part.
By Sharris Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:50 pm
The 404sx has the same lofi button as the og 404, but I heard they sound a little different.

Check out the sp'll gain a lot of sp knowledge over there. There is a recent thread discussing the 404 & MPC 500, someone mentioned that you can use the same card in both machines (which applies to the 1000 as well)........I heard somewhere you would have to "hot swap" it in order to do so (swap the card while the machines are still on), but not 100% if that's true. I think this is the way you would get around formatting it, but not sure if you have to format the card in the 1000 or 404 or if it matters.

So, the OG 404 has a 1gb limit & the 404sx has a 32gb limit. If a bigger memory card could be used in the 404og or if you are ok with a 1gb limit I would say get the OG for sure. If you want to fill the 404 up with beats to play live & want a lot of memory I would go sx. For me 1gb filled up fast, but you can always buy more memory cards. I mean, I have over 20 memory cards for my sx alone (but I'm a sample & beat hoarder).