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By scottyadam Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:25 am
Hi There:

No idea where else to post as I didnt see a section decidated to this product. So my question stands:

Will the AKAI MPD18 work with Virtual DJ or another DJ program...

I currently have a MAC with ITCH installed on it and I own a Numark NS7. Problem is...itch doesn't support midi i believe so.....I have another computer that I am gonna use and control the mpd18. I tried setting this up with Virtual DJ 5.2 Pro and am having no luck. I have made it as far as enabling midi under the remote control tab.

Any other easy program I can use to play the beats off of this product?

Also having problems with loading sounds onto the device. I followed this sequence of steps:

selected GET PRESET to 13
clicked the LOAD PRESET button
clicked the COMMIT UPLOAD button

I don't know what else to do....they said this was dirty simple :) guess I missed something the instructions cover to cover which is why i am asking.

Adam Scott
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By Alpha-MD's Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:38 am
I have an mpd 24 and i use it with traktor, its amazing becasue i have 8 knobs and 8 faders, i use teh pads for starting loops turning on effects pitch etc. i really can't see how u could use an mpd 18 to mix. But ya the simple answer to your question is yes you can use it, as for the rest of the question have not idea...i got frustrated with trying to use the mpd for i got an mpc 2500 lol

btw for setting it up with traktor ( im sure its teh same with the rest) you are going to have to assign every button knob or fader to do something that may take some time, so when your done BE SURE TO SAVE! your configuration ive had to redo mine a few times....and with taht even if you use some else's computer all u need is a flash drive and upload it into tracktor on the new computer its pretty amazing.
By scottyadam Thu Dec 03, 2009 3:18 am
Alright so I took a different root after doing a little more research...the program or whatever the hell that software that comes with the AKAI MPD18 is a piece of **** and I mean it is useless (probably cause I have no idea how to use it and it was so damn frustrating to figure out what the heck it was supposed to do)...BUT I did however find a really nice program on the NET that is PERFECT and I don't even need the MPD18 anymore (however I keep it cause it makes it easy)

I don't know if people shoot you for giving good advice for programs on this forums but I will post anyway....this program kicks ass...(yes I know it is $99 ) but in my opinion...holy **** it is worth it:

search google for the program KueIt....SOO worth the money (even though they sucked money out of my pocket)

and I still use the extra computer plugged into my NS7 until Numark/Serato comes out with something else compatible...and sucks more money out of my pocket (jerks :P)

By mr_debauch Wed Apr 21, 2010 3:37 am
in the generic midi device section of the midi tab in VDJ... you should see a button that says "LEARN" you click it and hit a button on the MPD. you also pick the function of that learned key right there too for example "PLAY DECK A"