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By Gori Thu May 04, 2017 7:51 am
Hello! Hope I'm not breaking any rules by this post. I just really want to get this out there, after working really hard on it for a few years now!

We've created a new unique crate-digging service where every single song can be licensed at a fair price. This is NOT a royalty-free sample library - this is "Impeach the President", Ray Charles, Ike Turner and tons of hidden gems - and they can all be fairly licensed for sampling release in MINUTES. No lawyer needed. Everything is upfront and you know what it will cost before you buy the tracks.

Check out our video with legends like Prince Paul and Hank Shocklee here:

And go to our site at and sign up - the beta is very private now but we're going to add as many of you as soon as we can. And send me an email at if you want to ask me something! I'm here to help!