Exchange tips and tricks for the Akai MPC4000
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By Fanu Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:58 pm
All kinds of temptations in the air; my old MPC 4000 is up for sale in my hometown at the moment.
Can't help feeling tempted by it.
Been also been thinking how well/poorly the X actually compares to the 4K in terms of features....hmmm.

I know the X has realtime time-stretching but that's not a feature I ever use. Same goes for clip launching.

The 4K has a dope mod matrix and step-based "automation sequencer" (kind of) based on q-link values.
The X has CV out but that's not something I'd ever use.

One thing the 4K can't do, which is quite essential to my way of writing music, is previewing sounds from the HD while the song is playing.
I know Ren/Touch software can do that; would love to know if Live/X can do that.

The 4K is sturdy at least.

By conrad Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:05 pm
The marketing looks good I am seriously tempted by the X but I'm going to wait and see. Was not impressed by the screen on the studio, it doesn't redraw properly I'm sure it's well documented, that alone makes me have serious reservations about being any more nu-kai stuff.
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By Blue Haze Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:00 am
I just picked up a mpc live and checked out the mpc x online. I'm at work so I really haven't had a chance to make any music with it yet. From the features that I checked on it the mpc x I could say besides the lack of a mod matrix would be a beautiful succecor to my 4K. Several features shared among the mpc x and 4K is 960ppq and 96ppq, ability to control parameters in detail with q links and etc. One feature from the old 4K 1.71 OS that was never fully implemented was audio tracks. This was a minutely started on the 4K with a pseudo midi note assigned to a sample that I never really got to work perfectly. My two cents
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By Blue Haze Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:51 am
I got to get more hands on for my unit. My initial impression compared to the 4K I still have is Nuakai has finally listened to their base. The level of trust from past disappointments still lingers but so far so good for 4K successor.
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By Mike Boogie Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:15 pm
Wow, the 4k headz are coming out for this thread!!!

Honestly speaking we can all agree the the 4k was the top of the line for the OLD AKAI. Once the 1000 dropped, the writing was on the wall. Akai was in the "restructuring phase" and stopped innovating. The dev teams were scrapped and Akai devolved in order to increase ROI.

This is NuAkai's (That should be their official name BTW) chance to give the world what could have honestly been completed 10 years ago.

Will it be groundbreaking as the 4k..? I say NO! Because when all this software talk started, all I wanted was the ability to connect my 4000 up to the MPC software in a fashion of the MV-8800 for editing and file management.

I wish NuAkai the best.

I hope it's the kitties titties! But, as an almost 20 yr Akai enthusiast, I KNOW BETTER than to be the first sucker in line at the carnival.
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By MPC-Tutor Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:44 pm
The MPC Software on the X is the same as it is on the Live, so lots of modern features that the 4000 never had, but also missing lots of cool 4000 features. I also feel the 4000 workflow is often superior to the MPC Software. For example when I make lots of keygroup programs, I still find it significantly quicker to perform the initial set up in the 4000 (key ranges, setting root notes), save the AKP and import that into the MPC Software for tweaking. Working exclusively in mpc software 'standalone' can be an absolute pig sometimes, can take forever to accomplish some tasks (using the computer software is often significantly quicker for many things that I do). Touchscreen UI is still incredibly fiddly to use in places, not sure if the bigger screen is going to completely resolve basic UI design issues.

Ultimately just remember that the MPC Software is still in beta, missing lots of features, still quite buggy, so I personally recommend you sit back and wait to see what Akai come up with over the next few months/year before dropping serious cash on one of these things. The more you guys hold off on buying, the more motivated Akai will be to get the MPC Software finished properly.

I see the X has a dedicated 'LIST EDIT' button, but what do you think the odds are of them actually having a working standalone list editor when the X drops, or will it just point to the iconic 'coming soon' page? Same with automation, currently no way to actually edit any automation in standalone. Maybe all these things will get fixed soon, maybe not.
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By Coz Fri Jun 30, 2017 2:15 am
MPC-Tutor wrote:Touchscreen UI is still incredibly fiddly to use in places, not sure if the bigger screen is going to completely resolve basic UI design issues.

The X has loads of dedicated buttons and a regular MPC cursor, so hopefully that will mitigate some of the more fiddly elements of the UI. I would hope that at a minimum you could adopt a 50/50 workflow between touchscreen and hardware controls.
By tiger001 Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:26 pm
indeed, the X has a list button, analog to the MPC4k
a bit sad that when you press that button on the X, the display shows coming soon

like above, wait a year orso when bugs and prices have gone down...

"soon" seems defined different in AKAI's personnel dictionary
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By feline1 Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:03 am
It sounds like the 8 control voltage outputs on the MPC X would actually be extremely useful for me, as I have a lot of analogue synths that I could sequence directly from the MPC (with my MPC4000, I have it connected to a Kenton Pro2000 MIDI to CV convertor to handle that side of things).

The lack of 96k/24bit capability will ironically mean that I'd need to bulk-convert all the things I sample myself on the 4000, to be able to play them on the X.

One thing that does alarm me is them ditching the modulation matrix. I mean, OK, the digital filters on the 4000 sounds a bit rubbish, and the matrix was poorly implemented at times (often hitting 'ceilings' when you tried to feed LFOs etc through it), but it seems crazy to just ditch it!
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By Coz Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:12 am
feline1 wrote:The lack of 96k/24bit capability will ironically mean that I'd need to bulk-convert all the things I sample myself on the 4000, to be able to play them on the X.

I don't think you would. I read somewhere that all samples get scaled up to 32bit internally so you should be ok. All of my 24/48, 16/44.1, 24/44.1 and 16/48 files load fine. I can't vouch for 96k files as I don't seem to have many.

feline1 wrote:One thing that does alarm me is them ditching the modulation matrix. I mean, OK, the digital filters on the 4000 sounds a bit rubbish, and the matrix was poorly implemented at times (often hitting 'ceilings' when you tried to feed LFOs etc through it), but it seems crazy to just ditch it!

It's not entirely ditched, It's just massively simplified but sounds much better due to having far nicer filters. You also get useable results within 30 seconds rather than 5 minutes which is nice.

Hopefully they can duplicate the entire LFO/Mod screen to allow a second LFO and also make it free-running. At that point (for me) the 4K is a distant memory.
By 18881 Wed Sep 06, 2017 6:12 pm
Ive had my 4k since 2006, its the hub of my live set and studio. I also have an MPC Live.
Lots to like about the Live, but for me at least it is not a replacement for the 4k. Everyone's needs are different but here are a few critiques from me.

Features I use on the 4k which I are not available on the Live...

recording events in multiple midi channels on a single track. (big drawback for my workflow)
real time sample zone control (only velocity on the Live)
mod matrix.
hardware editing of any midi cc

in general the midi features are far better in the 4k imho.
I use midi a lot and this, for me , is a problem, (maybe not for most - but there you go).
Mainly I find myself missing the flexible routing options for the 4k tracks, and the whole multi - program - sample structure which as we know is very powerful.
Some of these limitations might be addressed in the next updates along with the existing bugs, (or maybe not).
Anyway, here are some good things about the Live which score over the 4k,

FX much better in quality and number than the 4k (no surprise there) and a great deal of flexibility in the FX routing.

Very nice pad and channel mixer section.
Pad perform mode is a nice inclusion.
(Of course the smaller size and battery power).

That said what I found out today though which is a potential product return is that the mighty MPC LIve actually has only about 600mb of free RAM (!), (not what I signed up for when I bought it with the 2Gb sample RAM spec). - and no you cant upgrade the RAM either.

By YoungNobleLuciano Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:03 pm
It was good reading your comments, my 4k recently got punctured the pcb I/o is done!!! I love the machine but have been debating weather or not it's worth trying to find parts and repair (as it may be more than that board)or just move on to the "newer" models..since parts are harder and harder to come screen has a single line through it..etc. etc...anyone have pcb I/o board they're willing to part with?
By thehost250 Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:12 pm
Hello everyone. I've been lurking on this site for years and I rarely post. I told Danoc I would get more active around here as I've been using MPC's forever. I recently got a MPC X after using a 4000 for who knows how long. I wanted to wait a few weeks and really get up to speed on it before chiming in. As someone else has posted, the effects on the X are a major upgrade. Many more and they really sound good. I have some serious outboard gear that doesn't require as much use now. I'll be brief on a few things I've noticed. Most I like, a few not so much.
My first adjustment was not having the window button to name tracks and do other things. You simply hit the edit icon and the name icon now. You can do all of the edits while the track is still playing. No more stop to enter the window mode. You can audition samples while the track is playing as well as add and adjust the effects. You can adjust pad levels and make individual pad edits by simply hitting the pad mixer button. No more going to the mixer, then program number, then moving to the pad mode from there.
The X boots up super fast. It's not a deal breaker but it's ready to go a lot faster. What I do miss is the multi mode and the fact that on my 4k I could have them automatically load. It was handy as I could just turn the 4k on and not have to search around to get going. The programs and samples in the multis were ready. It also took me awhile to wrap my head around the program saves. On the 4k you hit save and select whatever from there. On the X you go to edit and do the same thing but do know it will save the samples automatically. On my 4k I could save space by not having to do that.
Lastly, I love that I can save everything in standalone mode and easily transfer it later without the need to track out and etc. You do need either an installed internal hard drive or external hard drive or thumb drives to do this. The audio track function was something I cared less about until I tried it. After using it I get it and I'm hooked. No more sampling external stuff and fitting it in the track. Simply record it. Making a key group is as simple as hitting the icon and then adding the plus button for the key group program.
I'm a diehard 4k user. My studio use is primarily hardware based although I have tons of software. Just not my preference. Hopefully, this is also helpful to someone with a 4k debating on making the switch to the X or Live. It's such a breeze in midi mode until I've bypassed my midi patch bay. It also does channel and bank changes for those who use external gear with it.
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By Blue Haze Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:39 am
Never sold my 4k and I recently brought it out of storage and it is all good. I have a collection of different hardware now. But from the past years of using different gear from software to hardware that changed up my workflow I learned a lot more that I can do on the 4k from the experience. Of course the mpc x has a lot of shortcuts and better integration with software; however, a sampler is a timeless machine that can play whatever you put in it. 4k was ahead of it`s time.