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By Tristan Roger Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:40 am
hi everyone, v (i'm beginner since 2 years with an mpc 2500 and i love the process, fun, love to learn new things day after day, this post will probably help another person. :)
- i sample drums from bank, loop from youtube, sounds from keyboard in my mpc 2500 (my mixer have is quite bad sound and i have a bad sound quality when i sample with it)
- attribute drums to pad 1 to 8 and loop, sounds... to pad 9 to 16 (ok i need to name my samples and my tracks for start, but i'm lazy guy sometimes...)
- trim and chop what i want
- tap and find a groove, "mix" the volume in the mpc mixer (i juste create one program, it is the good way ?)
- play with tune, attack/decay
- use the keyboard and find the key with difficult (i'm not musician), record midi notes on ableton live, audio on mpc. (it's difficult with the free os to record midi direct in mpc)
- add some low filter on kick, loops, sounds...
- add some high filter and reverb on hats and snare/clap
- add some swing (sometimes i feel like he doesn't work)
- create sequences
- "eq" on a mackie (i try to produce with 8 outputs maximum)
- mix on ableton live
it's all, this is my general workflow, what do you think about ?
thanks for your advices, peace !
(sorry for my english)
The complete guide to learning the MPC2500
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By Lampdog Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:02 pm
starmanwarz wrote:.......If it works for you and you are having fun with it there's no reason to change your workflow.