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By AE.Records Thu Nov 17, 2016 9:51 am
I've got a problem of synchro. When I plug my bassline (tb303 clone) with MPC 2500 and I play MPC, the internal sequencer of bassline start with 1/16 quarter note in late.

Bassline 3 is in slave-mode and MPC master-mode, midi clock (all out)
Bassline 3 understands only start/stop message when it is connected with its internal sequencer running.

When I change the tempo, the late is the same : 1/16.

When I plug my bassline with my machinedrum sps-1, all run great. No late.

So, I think that is a MPC problem and not a bassline problem.

Can you explain me if I've done an error and why is mpc in late?

(sorry for my bad english... I don't speak very well this language.)

Thank you!
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