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By commuter Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:27 pm
Hi all, newb here, never owned an MPC and I'm looking to transition from my Octatrack workflow to something more flexible. Not sure if I want to go for a used MPC 1000/2500 with JJOS or wait for the new Live/X to drop. The 1000/2500 plus JJOS is solid, stable, powerful, and getting cheaper on the used market. The Live/X has a more advanced interface and is brand spankin' new (which isn't always a good thing with Akai products so I've heard).

So imagine your favorite JJOS version running on a nicely refurbished 1000 or 2500 with new pads, sensors, LCD, etc. stacked up against an MPC Live or X. What does one do that the other can't, and vice versa? Note: I have no interest in working in a computer DAW so that can be crossed off the list.

Specific concerns:

1. For people who have used Akai effects in both the 1000/2500 and MPC Software, which do you like better?

2. How is audio track recording on the latest and greatest JJOS?

3. Would you say JJOS is user-friendly, easy to navigate, or hard to learn?

4. Anybody used a 2500 with a big screen? Is it easy to read stuff and edit waveforms?

5. In 10-20 years, will people still be making music on a JJOS MPC or a touchscreen MPC?