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By chynk Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:00 am
I recently purchased an MPC 2500 with jjos and am slowly learning how to use this thing through youtube videos.

Youtube videos only go so deep or only answer so many questions so I'm looking into the 2500 tutorial book.

But then a number of people have suggested that I sell the 2500 and pick up a studio or renaissance being that it's easier to use as well as technology is continuing to advance.

In my mind, I felt I needed to pay my dues in a sense by learning the hard way first, getting the feel of the 2500 before jumping straight into the digital world.

Kind of like how a dj starts with pioneer decks and has so idea what to do with vinyl and a pair of 1200s.

Is this a comparable analogy?

Anyways, I've done a little bit of research and most of the threads about my comparison are about three years old. Mostly complaining of poor software and bugs. I assume now Akai has worked out these bugs.

So are the studio/ren now better?
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By MPC-Tutor Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:29 am
Yes the MPC Software is now much more stable these days and has many more features. As with most software there are outstanding bugs and still some requested features still not implemented, but it's generally a decent bit of kit. However if you already have the 2500 I would suggest you stick with that and see how you get on with it - ultimately all your projects can be imported into the MPC Software at a later date with little or no issues (as long as you use Akai OS, JJOS free or JJOS1).
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By abc Fri Aug 21, 2015 12:41 am
Stick with the 25. It's stand alone and it's a very powerful machine once you learn it.
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By Coz Fri Aug 21, 2015 2:05 am
chynk wrote:Is this a comparable analogy?

No it's not. Talent is talent and you'll get the most out of anything you use, but workflow is king. An MPC with JJOS is one of the highlights of the range. If you can deal with the tracking out then stick with it. A flashy GUI on a computer screen don't mean **** at the end of the day if you're a sample flipper and beat mangler. Use what you've got and don't be fooled by the latest tech.

For what it's worth, I started out on the really old Pioneer CDJ 500S decks in the 90s and could still rip it up when I finally got on some Technics. :nod: :mrgreen:
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By kashief Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:35 am
Be warned...This is a novel...

I had a chance to fondle a was my opinion, it isn't an is an incomplete MPC 5000 in an MPC 2500 style casing that is on life support (the computer) and has pretty lights... Don't get me has some great feature. Flagship qualities. But...why be tethered? For all that, I could just drop the money on something else that isn't an the Maschine MK2 but, let me explain why I feel this way...

Now...I don't know you (OP = Chynk), but for me...I grew up dealing with ADD and ADHD... I couldn't keep still in school but I love music and was always thinking of melodies and remixing and flipping samples in my head. What good is that if you had no drums with it? So yes.. I was that kid in class who always made beats on the desk.

If you've ever seen Araab Music on the 2500, apply that to me with two pens/pencils, my wrists and knuckles on the little desk at school. Aside from that, I always used my fingers to tap out beats on my leg when I would chill and listen to the radio or watch forward....I got into production because most of the people I grew up with all rap, some attempt... So like most, I started making beats with a cracked version of FL and eventually got a paid copy...but that "click click copy and paste" **** kills me...ADD...I needed to get the ideas out before they were off in oblivion...

So I ran to George's Music and grabbed a KeyRig 49...but after a while I realized it still didn't feel "natural"...I mean, sure I could play drums with the keys, but then I tried to find an MPC to use as a controller, but at 17 I didn't have extra cash so I looked into the MPD series and decided on the MPD24 because the MPD32 was like 100 more, and I didn't have all that.

For 3 years that was my setup. But as time went on, again, I came to realize that, although it felt a bit more comfortable, it still wasn't that "natural" feeling I yearned for. So at this time I had a nice little job at Target so I had some good money. One day I woke up and said "eff it. I need that MPC". So I sold my MPD24 and gave my homie the KeyRig49. I found an MPC2000 on ebay for like $170 because it had two lil punk ass lines on the screen. Psshhhh. Run that in, fam!

When it came, I instantly felt like Link opening a chest on Zelda. Finally...the feeling I've been looking for. I rocked out with that for a bout 3 months before I got annoyed at the fact that I could be organized with folders on the MPC2000, so I sold it on Craigslist.

Took that money right to the bank. Then I found an MPC 1000. It was that feeling all over again. And even though I wanted a 2500, I was happy to not be able to afford it because I had it's lil bro. Soon after, I ordered a Roland Juno G and it was a match made in heaven. From then on, I said "eff all that computer BS"...HARDWARE ONLY!...and believe it or not, Ive only sampled like 3 or 4 tracks on my 1000. I ended up getting a 2000XL because I missed my 2000 so much and now I have folders.

I just recently had to get rid of my 1000, but I just came into 3 of them, so I'm going to sell the lesser condition ones and keep tbe pretty one, using the money I get to buy a 2500 and/or layaway a 5000.

Now....I say all of that to say...go with what feels natural to you. If you feel most comfortable being tied to a computer, go with the Renaissance or Studio. If you like to move around and only have to worry about what sample and what kit you want to load up, go with the 2500. It's a beast. Very capable. I mean if it comes down to it, you can still use the 2500 with software if you use midi to sync with whatever won't be MPC Software, but there is a plethora of software available that you could use from free, to cheap, to "damn! Which arm do you want?"
By brennfett Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:54 am
before you sell your 2500, take your time to check out mpc ren or studio, otherwise you maybe get very dissapointed. i know guys who sold their ren after testing and sticked to standalone.
By Thebubbles Wed May 17, 2017 1:04 am
I dont understand why an mpc 2500 cant be used to control the software through the mpc midi out. Do all buttons on the 2500 send out a midi signal?

Studio and renassiance are midi controllers so any midi controller should in theory work with the software?

. . . thats if the computer software allows you to select which midi signal changes software parameter/playback functions/pads.(to match mpc2500 outputing midi)
Or the other way around the mpc 2500 allows you to change its midi signal to match that of the softwares required midi signals?