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By Sampler_one Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:57 pm
Hi All,
My Floppy drive has died on my MC-500 and I started to look around for a replacement. I want to keep my MC original no USB mod. I searched through all my old junk and I have only 1.44 drives that will not work in the MC-500. I found a guy that uses NEC FD1231M high density 1.44 drives that will work in the MC-500. He mods them internally to work.
I know you need to make a small cutout so the cable will be in the right direction when connected to the FD1231M and I am quite sure he is altering the pin-out of the drive. I have searched the net for days but I cannot find anything for the mod and an MC-500. There is lots of info for other applications like Amega ,MSX ect. but the MC-500 is a mystery?


Regards !
By richie Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:02 pm
Does the drive from a MC 500 read in ds0 or ds1?