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By eclipxe Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:04 pm
Anyone using Beatmaker 3? I sold my Touch last year and was going to pick up a Live, but decided to check out BM3. It's seriously amazing. Workflow is like a combo of FL Studio/MPC/Maschine/Ableton. Realtime time stretch, integration with iPad synths, great browser.

All the things I was missing on MPC live are in BM3:

1. Pattern based workflow (like FL Studio)
2. Support for side-chaining in effects
3. Sampling from Youtube built in (there's an app that can grab audio from youtube and save to BM3)
4. Load all my samples from Dropbox

There are a couple of missing bits here and there, but I'm seriously impressed. :worthy:
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By Lampdog Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:49 pm
I've been telling peeps this same thing. It's seriously amazing how they have ALL that in there isn't it? It's a link to the thread.


By Tomes Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:03 pm
Yes its a truly amazing app. Ill sell my MPC and replace with bm3 after they update the use of external synths a bit. Also the devs are super nice and are dedicated on pushing things even further and improving the app with new features and fixing bugs.

I went pretty much all possible workflow routes on ios(including all major daws and different dawless approaches) and nothing comes even close to bm3. Its exactly what i was waiting for. Ofc there are some things that need a bit of polishing, but its only like 6 months old app and the dev team is small, so far they have done a great job adding things on it and i know that a lot more is to come :)
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By Rokgod Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:20 pm
I love the app but some buttons on the screen are bit small for my fingers liking, I wish they could magnify some buttons and minimize others. Other than that this thing seems very user friendly and very deep, takes a little learning but nothing crazy. Has a few things that bug me but this is one of the top tablet apps for making music for sure. I haven't really been able to utilize it much yet bc I want to get my synth apps in order and I still need to transfer a ton of samples to the iPad so I can use my samples.
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By SlowwFloww Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:53 pm
I downloaded it for free so I can't complain..

The GUI has that modern dark, flat look and everything seems kinda cluthered on screen.

I haven't used it that much yet.. I rather use Caustic for sampling.. it looks less sophisticated but I really like the GUI style now. The sampler has a lot of options, better looping functions, better wav editting..