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By Kryptickmuzac Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:28 am
Ihey wuz gud ima rapper who has been visiting studios ro pay for studio time to record my music n i dont get paid too much n have a lot of bills so i cant afford to buy beats anymore so i recently decided ima dive into the beatmaking process myself so i dont know much at all really jus a couple of things ive recently researched but i bought an mpc touch yesterday which i want to use to make beats from sampling vinyl so i wanted to know what is a good mixer, turntable, and speakers to use to get a quality sound at an affordable price and would i need anither interface? Cuz i know the touch comes with uts own also what cables do i need to connect all this equipment together? My bad im just tryna invest into my own **** instead of having to pay for beats.. Thank you