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By Zbigniew Zielinski Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:39 am
I used MPC5000 and own MPC Ren. Akai software lacks Audio, you can't complete your songs with vocals in it, you can't record vocals on MPC prior 2.0. Well you can but not worth your time and effort as you will need to export to DAW anyway (so easier to get vocals recorded in DAW and arrange everything there).

This was one of my reason why I bought Push 2 with Live 9.7. I want a controller and software where I can write music, record vocals, arrange, mix - all being done in one program instead of wasting time for exports and imports all the time. Plus it makes arrangement much easier as you have controller, and you can still work on developing tracks while doing arrangements (instead of just arranging with exported audio files).

Hope this somehow makes sense? Both are good and different, I haven't been using Live prior buying Push 2.

Would MPC 2.X bring me back? Will you be able to do everything in one program from start to finish?
Not sure.....
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By Heavie Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:37 pm
I'm open minded with it all. Have ren, touch and the mpcx. Gear lust for the mpcx brought me back to the mpc workflow. Maschine with the mk1 and the studio is my weapon of choice. Went from push 1 to push 2 for the endless possibility, but the learning curve between the ableton live and the push 2 controller. Has the push 2 back in the box, avoiding getting dusted.

Music can be made with all three option, but only one is my favorite for creation.
By M.s Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:23 pm
I got both.. Well actually I got the Ren, MPC Live and PUSH 2 with Ableton Suite. This is what I will tell you:

The Push 2 is a masterful controller for Ableton. You almost don't need to look at your laptop. The Push is an extremly tough hardware. The pad and knobs are made to last forever it seems. What will be tough is learning Ableton Live. Compared to MPC Software it is light years ahead (of almost all DAWS). Ableton's software can do almost anything you can think of. MPC Software has years of coding to catch up. But Wouldnt dump any MPC for any other Tool. MPC is way easier to sample and chop and sequence the basics. So What I do for the most part is use MPC and make my sequences and drop it Ableton's Clips and the I'd use Push to bang out other elements. I found that using both gives me an advantage. But it does take some time to leave Live 9. Its not designed like the average DAW. But there are 10,000 videos on You Tube so learning it won't be hard.
By Schmidi Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:49 am
Live user since v1. For me, Live was a great tool for for making a good groove... And that was all. I have a ton of 4-8 bar grooves, but never really got anything completed in Live (despite the tools being available). I found I would spend much more time making racks and fx chains.

I love my MPC Touch and I feel that I actually get a lot more done with it. The other thing the MPC does better is file storage of my creations. After 16+ years with Live, my hard drive is a creative mess and the terrible Live browser doesn't help to find what I've made over the years.