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By steelcitysi Wed Sep 21, 2016 5:31 pm
I often hit play+record, perform my take, make a mistake, hit stop, then hit play+record again, over and over and over again before I get the performance just right. It is especially hard when I have to stop the music and lose the groove.

DAWs overcome this problem with a "keep last" cycle record mode, where only the last recorded lap is kept and the previous recorded laps are discarded. This way you can experiment and jam without losing the groove until some magic happens, then hit stop and the last lap is kept. If this can be accomplished with both MIDI and audio cycle recording this would be amazing!
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By bliprock Thu Sep 22, 2016 2:27 am
that is what over dub is for!
to be clear you are not talking about looping recorder mode are you?
I also recommend a footswitch to as they are cheap as and you can set it up to record/overdub at a handsfree hit, leaving you to play and record at will with out stopping.
By steelcitysi Fri Sep 23, 2016 4:08 pm
You still have to stop in overdub if you don't like the take or make a mistake in order to undo/erase, even if you have a footswitch. The MPC does not buffer the last performance for an undo/erase until you stop, which obviously kills the flow of the performance. You essentially have to get the performance right on the first take, otherwise in overdub you will keep adding to the first bad take.

There's a reason "Keep Last" is implemented in DAWs in addition to overdub - they are completely different and it will change your way of coming up with tracks especially if you improvise a lot.
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By Bugfix Sat Sep 24, 2016 3:38 pm
Well, you can erease while a sequence plays in overdub/ rec mode : on main screen hold shift or other way - hold erease and hold pads to erease.

or other way: make sequence longer, by copying it from ex 4 bars to 64 bars... than when you record good pass - cut and paste within time markers (SEQ EDIT)
By steelcitysi Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:21 am
Thanks Bugfix. Your first method is not really an option for me because I like to keep improvising until something magic happens without stopping to edit. That means I sometimes do your second method, but I will jam and improvise on a groove for a real long time so the number of bars gets ridiculous and impossible! Plus all that extra editing to make it longer, then to trim it back down, when I'm trying to stay in a creative flow is a spontaneity killer.

All I'm saying is that the JJOS could simply do something like your second method invisibly in the background, and this would put to rest any performance reason for wanting to use a DAW over an MPC in a live recording setting with musicians. This is not an uncommon thing and once MPCers wake up to it you will never record without it. It's a popular technique and it's implemented as "Capture Last Take" in Logic, "Keep Last" in Cubase, and "Loop Record Mode" in Pro Tools. The DAWs have more complicated options like keeping all the old takes for comping, but you get the idea.
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By Bugfix Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:46 pm
You can also punch in/out recording mode when loop has returned and you are not happy with it. press overdub or rec. than rec + play (continue)
By steelcitysi Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:46 am
Thanks again Bugfix but I'm aware of punch. I don't know how many people on this forum play live instruments or work with a band but obviously hitting buttons or footswitches to punch each and every loop runs counter to the idea of riffing/'s impractical. That's where software automation comes into play as all DAWs do this. I appreciate the workaround suggestions though but they won't work for me. Somebody could say - just use a DAW then. Well, that's what I'm doing now. But isn't the purpose of this forum to suggest ways to improve JJOS that are reasonable? I would rather work my MPC in the studio with a band than a computer and this feature is achievable.