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By skryptrs Sat May 13, 2017 5:39 pm
Not sur if anyone has tried it but i was able to put a scsi2sd in my 60. The hxc gotek was just too slow and limited. Anyway you need the 3.15 upgrade. I used a sands 4gb disk and was able to squeeze 26 partitions in 1 scsi ID, There was a total of 4 scsi ID's: 1, 2, 3, and 4. As far as settings go on the scsi2sd i went with the settings for the emu max ii. I actually just took it out the rack n put it in the mpc 60, formatted the disk, and I was done. Heres the set up: its for the max ii but i had not 1 issue since installing it 2 weeks ago.

Instructions for Setting up SCSI2SD Card for Emax Samplers
Loading Firmware – Start here! – Do NOT Connect the SCSI2SD board yet.
Step 1 – Download the latest firmware from the SCSI2SD Codesrc site. Step 2 – Download the SCSI2SD Software from the SCSI2SD Codesrc site.
Step 3 – Open the SCSI2SD program appropriate to your PC. Select File – Update Firmware. Find the firmware file you downloaded and open it.
Step 4 – Immediately after clicking on “OK” to open the file, the computer will start looking for the bootloader. Now you can connect the SCSI2SD board to the PC via a USB cable to begin the installation. The firmware will be updated automatically. Click “OK” when done. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again and plug the USB cable in faster. It seems to timeout if you wait too long. Leave the board plugged in and proceed to the next step.
Configuring Settings – After loading the firmware
Step 5 – In the SCSI2SD software, configure the settings like the pictures below. Setup up to 4 SCSI drives using the 4 SCSI HD tabs. Set SCSI ID’s from 0 to 3 for the 4 SCSI drives respectively. (i.e. Drive 1 = SCSI 0, Drive 2 = SCSI 1, etc.)

Step 6 – Click “Save to Device” to save your new settings to the SCSI2SD Card.
Now you can load a blank Micro SD card and install your board into the Emax. Format the card from the Emax after booting with Emax HD OS 1.1 or better. I recommend using the Emax Plus OS.
(HD 1.1 does not offer multiple device support. The Emax Plus OS will allow you to access the four partitioned drives individually by holding the Transpose button and entering the SCSI ID on the numeric keypad.)
When installing the SCSI2SD board, the instructions say that it can be powered by the SCSI buss, but other forums I’ve read recommend powering the board with the existing SCSI power connector or externally with a 5V power supply. The power drain on the SCSI buss could cause read/write errors, or can even cause damage to the sampler.
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By JUKE 179r Mon May 15, 2017 9:52 pm
Good idea with adding the 5VDC connection considering the SCSI buss power drain.
To all... DO NOT add the 12VDC yellow power wire to the SCSI2SD card. You will **** it up. Been there done that.
By skryptrs Fri May 19, 2017 3:48 am
Thanks brothers. It works really well. The boot time is roughly 4 seconds. I honestly hated turning the mpc on and watch it search the floppy. It seemed to take forever. The big plus is being able to format the partitions in larger sizes. I have mine set to 5mb sizes. This eliminates the need to save across multiple images on the hxc floppy emulator. lol I felt like the most accomplished person alive after the install. Too bad my emax is back to floppy.