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By Psychedelic Schizophrenic Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:18 pm
Congrats on the win Bearhead :smoker:

On the D/L now, got a busy week work wise but hopefully I will get some time to flip something and hopefully it's done on my new toy :smoker:
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By Psychedelic Schizophrenic Wed Aug 02, 2017 2:55 pm
Got a second hand MPC 2000 with new version 2 LCD screen, 8-outputs and EB-16 fx board for a little just 330 pounds including shipping :smoker:
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By saltmcgault Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:01 pm
i've been a busy dude lately. i like the selection for the sample for BB178 looking forward to it. the past 3 beat battles i've liked what i've heard from everybody. Let's see what i can come up with. cuz TODAY I GOT TIME!!!
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By pk1 Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:23 am
Psychedelic Schizophrenic wrote:Got a second hand MPC 2000

Ah. My first MP. Other then only having the low pass filter. Great machine. I just hatted having to resample stuff threw a eq to get what frequency you really wanted. I ended up just getting a good eq to put before the mpc. Just sampled threw the eq to the mp. But I always had eq noise on samples that I could only take out if I bounced it to a daw. To much work to go backwards now days. I like to mess around on my 2KXL still but at the end I'd rather just have my REN. :worthy:
By dez perado Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:06 am
damm i miss my 2000 and renaissance .This touch be feeling a little delicate to me
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By saltmcgault Fri Aug 04, 2017 4:23 am
all I've ever used was an mpc2500 the first drum machine i ever learned how to use was the dr-670 that thing was pretty bad ass. skitz is making me want to get some vintage $hit like that lol
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By pk1 Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:34 pm
hows it fellas?

I'm hoping to get home this afternoon and put something together. haven't herd the sample yet hope its decent.

get em up fellas.
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By Psychedelic Schizophrenic Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:03 pm
Sorry work has been so manic lately, just a shame I couldn't get anything together in time for this battle, was a nice sample to flip :smoker:

Cheers guys, I've always had a soft spot for the 2000 and 2000XL saw this one come up on eBay with additional expansions like the new version 2 screen at a decent price, so it was hard not to make a bid for it. I thought **** it, I work hard so why not treat myself :-D Yeah I'm loving the 2000 (Well the whole hour so far I've had using anyway :lol:), hopefully will get time to sort out the M.O. Drive for saving projects onto out very soon when I get 5 minutes.

Hopefully I will be back for the next round :smoker:
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By S.I.C.K THE DRUMGOD Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:42 pm

Late pass.Did this in 3 hours.The low turnout forced my hand.The last few samples sources has been DOPE!!Just been busy trying to lose 10 pounds in 60 days.Been eating more fruit and trying to eat one meal a day during the week.That "eat drink and be merry"mantra has gotten old.Also been playing alot of old school video games and rediscovering other interests.
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By Psychedelic Schizophrenic Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:42 pm
Good luck with the weight loss S.I.C.K and hopefully you achieve your target dude. Man that was a dope beat, a real smooth head nodder :smoker: