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By CHOPFYT Sat May 19, 2012 9:37 am

Sponsored Battle Time Again :)

** 1st prize for this battle: 'The Production Suite Platinum' from** ... m-edition/

Over 600 pages of audio production tutorials, and 4 hours of video tutorials

Usual rules apply...

* Flip this sample to create your beat
* Join the Beat Battle group at Soundcloud
* 1 beat only please.
* Monitor the voting thread for the battle you entered - please do not vote for yourself
* If you win, I will set up temporary permissions so you can start the next battle.

Posting rules

To submit your entry, please:

1) Join the Beat Battles Group: ... t-battles/
2) Upload the beat to your own soundcloud page - please make it downloadable
3) Make sure it includes the battle number in the title - i.e. BB#8. If it doesn't we might think it's a random spam beat and delete it
4) Share the beat with the forum group via the 'share to group' button

We'll keep all beats hidden until the first day of voting, then all beats will be made live on the forum soundcloud page.

* Currently, you do NOT need to use an MPC in your beat - however in the future, we will definitely be running special battles that will have an MPC requirement. But generally speaking, Battles are open to everyone.

Production rules

These are the default rules for any battle - however, the person who starts a battle can override pretty much any rule.

* 1 beat per person
* TIME LIMIT: Since you guys are uploading to your own accounts, there is no way for the battle to run over soundclouds 120 minute account limit. So make them as long as you want. Although, you should at least try to keep them to the limit of a standard song (2:30-4:00). *REMEMBER: It's your job as the beat maker to get the listeners attention to want to listen immediately. If you make it too boring, people will skip it!
* flip the chosen sample however you want
* Outside drums and bass ARE allowed
* Outside samples/synths ARE allowed for layering, but pleased do not make it so the sample is out-shined. The object is to hear how you flipped the sample. So keep that as the main focus of your beat.
* no acapellas
* short vocal samples allowed
* cuts/scratches allowed

Battle Timetable

Deadline for entries is May 29th at 6PM EST.
Voting Ends/winner announced:June 1st 6pm EST.

...except this battle is slightly different, in an effort to discourage piracy im only gonna provide you with links to the source material and you will have to obtain it by your own means.

The Unthanks - Starless

Id incourage purchasing the song...

...but realise participants may be reluctant to part with the 89p / 99c or dont have itunes/amazon so you can find the video below and use a site like if you have too or a torrent site if you use one

for the record I have no affiliation with the unthanks and am not trying to scam here just trying to support the artist(s) that provide the inspiration

enjoy and good luck f*ckers
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By CHOPFYT Sat May 19, 2012 1:32 pm
yeah i heard this version first borat and after hearing the king crimson version *and noticing it was used on 'the firm's phone tap i thought id stick with the unthanks version.

* :oops: the king crimson version is actually used on apathy's 1.52am and a track by 'the brotherhood'. I was thinking of a jazz song called 'petite fleur' (as used by dre on 'phone tap') i almost picked that for the source

szr yeah unfortunately they are only mp3's but im pretty sure the other battles have been converted from mp3 or mp3 files (?) so the quality shouldnt be too bad in comparison also its a recent release so theres little to no noise from a conversion.
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By CHOPFYT Sun May 20, 2012 7:22 am
szr wrote:I'm done, had some fun towards the end of the process, vibe on this song was inspiring.

good job dude, that was quick!...i havent even started mine :?

nice one ione kaydigi get those chops arranged/derranged see what you can come up with

@coz the lp is pretty good i dont own all of it but theres a couple more like this one on there but most of the others have a bit more lyrical content, as with most folk the story takes the centre satge. 'Heres the tender coming' is a good one bit more commercial (radio 2 friendly) though checkout their back catalogue there'll def be some stuff you like if you enjoyed this