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By Roots Renegade Fri Nov 14, 2014 9:25 pm
I bought an EPS16+ (rack version), it is in excellent condition and everything seems to work fine BUT i'm not able to hear sounds on any other bus/output then the main (L/R) bus. The seller says that the unit works perfectly. I have the feeling that i have tested everything and would appreciate some help to see if it really works.

I have watched youtube tutorials, read the manual, checked the internet, the different forums but no luck. I don't understand why it's not working.

1) To be able to fully use MULTI, i go in Edit, System, then scroll to "FX Send", where I set "Bus2 = off" and "3 = off"

2) To route to different busses i can do it either by WS (press Edit, Amp, select bus) or by Instr./Track (Edit, Track, per WS or select bus).

3) I turn all FX off (effect button: OFF)

Now lets say i have a drum break that loops on instrument 1 of the EPS16+, MIDI sequenced by a MPC2500. Everything works fine but when i route the sound to another bus, no sound comes out of any output, even the main (which tells me that i should be hearing the sound from the selected outbut) but no sound.

Are they not working or is it that i don't understand something ?

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By *Pilchard* Sat Nov 15, 2014 8:46 pm
Is the volume turned up?
It's on the page next to the one where you select the Buss out.
Also, check the PAN isn't hard over to the side you are not using.
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By Roots Renegade Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:00 am
Thanks. Yes, the volume is up (99) and the track/intrument panning is centered (+0).

When the sound comes out from bus 1, everything works and sounds perfectly fine. When i switch it to bus 2, i loose the sound from bus 1 but no sound is audible from bus 2. Same thing for bus 3. Same thing for Aux 1, except if i crank up the volume on my audio interface/speakers, i can hear white noise coming from both Aux 1 L/R outputs. The lenght of the noise corresponds to the lenght of the sample, then the noise stops.

I cleaned the outputs with DeoxIT and have tested my 8 channel snake cable to make sure it works properly.

Any idea on what could be the problem/solution?
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By Star One Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:08 am
Hey, got your PM

I've been thinking on this for a while now today.. I honestly can't point to exactly what the cause would be.. Because like it could be a software issue (and actually try creating a new floppy with a fresh OS) or something with a component on the analogue board, or even something wrong on the digital board (name of the main board)

Even did the same as you, and I'm pretty good at hunting down obscure stuff with googling, but with no luck. I doubt the service manual would even touch that deep. I know at least for the ASR-10 Kbd, Rack and the ASR-X Ensoniq to keep costs down never did component level servicing. They just followed simple guides, and replaced entire parts.

There were technicians who would then repair the boards and put them back into the shelves for the next part swap.

Wish I could lend a better hand then this :(

Actually, you could try opening it. Look for any oxidation on any connections or a loose ribbon cable... Worth a shot at least. I just looked up a service manual to try and link you, but I'm not finding anything.

That being said you have The Soniq ( who happens to have the schematics, would be your best repair bet if you send it in. Just can't email him to ask for help troubleshooting, it is a business. I think also licensed repair center for EMU/Ensoniq. Calling them is the quickest way to contact about service (Phone: 408-829-0713)

Then there is EPR ProAudio Electronics that carries parts (

And also for parts can try Syntaur Productions (
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By SimonInAustralia Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:45 am
Changing it to Bus 2 or Bus 3 in the Edit/Amp or Edit/Track screens, as you are doing, should make it work, in the same way it works to output to Aux 1.

Maybe pop the lid and see if it looks like they are connected properly?
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By peeping tom Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:21 am
yeah thats the only thing i can think of, is the ribbons maybe come loose or a connection to the bus / aux board. which would explain why your main outputs are working but your aux /. bus are not.

see link,

i dont know much about the 16+ as i own a classic, but the connection to this is likely shot.

hope that helps bro!
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By Roots Renegade Mon Nov 17, 2014 9:53 pm
StarOne, Thank you for your help, i appreciate it. I'll open it tonight and let you know if i find anything suspect. Maybe i'll take pictures too, we don't see detailed pictures of the inside of an EPS16+ rack very often.

I found an EMU authorized service center that is not too far, I may give them a call. Hopefully they can help so i don't have to ship international for servicing.

Thanks SimonInAustralia. I knew i was doing it right but it's good to have a confirmation that the issue is not user related.

Hey peeping tom, thanks for the tip. I'll look closely for loose ribbons/connections and report back.
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By Star One Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:04 pm
When I got my ASR-10 it was shipped in a futon box, good 5" of space on the sides and 7" tall worth of space (Huge box) with a few chunks of busted up Styrofoam. So all the weight transferring a lot of force into the inside components during shipping.

So when I get it, no boot. Stuck in diagnostic mode. Sure enough what happened, and how is a bit beyond me, didn't make much sense, but knocked a connection loose to the main board.

So yeah checking for loose connections is important. Could of just been something minor in transit.

I didn't know your country, sorry about that ^.^

And post lots of detailed pictures! :nod:
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By Roots Renegade Thu Nov 27, 2014 6:26 am
So i opened it up to see if there was any loose connection or anything weird but no, everything looks fine. Everything on the sampler is working perfectly except those outputs so i am pretty sure the issue comes from either the output expander board itself or its 14-pin ribbon cable (that goes to the main board).

Contacted the seller to let him know about the problem, offered him to repair the unit myself and he agreed to pay for the needed replacement parts. I ordered both parts last week, they should arrive pretty soon.
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By peeping tom Thu Nov 27, 2014 8:47 am
glad they got it sorted, its sorted / getting sorted.

jai bless good folk on ebay.
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By Roots Renegade Tue Dec 02, 2014 7:46 am
Good news! Received the replacement parts this morning.

Removed the faulty output expander board:

Looking at the top of the circuit board, everything looks fine:

Found the issue. It's only visible when looking at the back of the circuit board. It was impossible to find without removing the whole thing.

It is fried.

Here's the replacement part:


So i installed it and everything works perfectly fine now. 8)

More pictures of the inside:









By Novoline Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:08 am
Seems I have this same problem
. Where did you find the output expansion board? Is there a model number to search for? Or simply eps 16+ output expansion board on eBay? I've looked there and no luck for now.
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By Roots Renegade Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:16 pm
At the time I found and bought a replacement output expander board from Syntaur. It is part # 4109

Seems like they are out of stock unfortunately. Same for the Sonic.

I just finished upgrading my 16 plus with a SCSI board and flash memory. It already had the HxC floppy emulator upgrade. It's a bit overk!ll but I really enjoy having more options. I'm currently looking for an internal SCSI2SD.

Looks like TheSonic has a flash memory board for sale at the moment. The price seems fair considering how rare they are.

Personally I bought another maxed 16 plus (Keyboard version) locally, took out both parts and installed them in my rack. I keep the rest of the keyboard for spare parts as well, just in case.

Good luck
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By Roots Renegade Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:59 pm
Decided to build an external enclosure instead of internal mod since Ensoniq samplers do not provide power to the SCSI bus. Also i was able to write 3 Ensoniq CDs on the SD card. Thread coming soon.