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By TheBeachBorg Fri Dec 23, 2016 6:12 pm
My S900 Was working fine, but then got a strange power drain. I let it sit for a bit, tried again and it booted and worked for another 5 mins, then same. now it powers on and all lights just stay on, no booting. I went about as far as I could checking ribbons, chips, and connections.

I recently installed a Gotek hxc drive which was also working fine. Now however, the drive is not getting power now. No characters appear on the illuminated main display.

Anyone experience this, or any suggestions?
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By dshook Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:01 am
Pull off the top cover and make sure the 3 top front panel screws have their little slotted spacer washers underneath. These often get lost and the front panel sits too low and holds down one of the front buttons on power up, causing the all-lights-on freeze up. If you're missing them just replace with one regular washer between the front panel and the body to space it upwards slightly. Hopefully that's all it is!
By TheBeachBorg Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:04 am
Thanks for the reply, unfortunately at time of this post, the front panel as well as top were already removed. Have since been put back on including the washers.

If I leave it powered on for 5-10 minutes and then power it down, it won't power back up for another 10mins. Then eventually powers up again with all lights (except the light on the drive) but still no booting.

The fuses look good, but I will check again, is there a fuse directly for the drive? I figure with a fuse the issue would have happened near instantaneously, not quite gradual (over a 30 minute span) as it did, no?
I'm suspecting a transformer or bad caps, but nothing looks bad internally.
By mr_debauch Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:10 am
now that you mention those other symptoms it totally sounds like bad caps .. i guess you need to go over every board to check and the power supply too