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By sleepytm Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:50 pm
hello! i guess, i'm not the first one, who asks this, though i couldn't find any info, so forgive me for asking.

i'm trying to load my files, made with jjos3 on mpc1000 to a new mpc live, and drum programs are quite buggy. pitch is wrong, it's like loops mapped to pads sounds a bit faster than they are. i've checked countless times all settings, regarding pitch - all semi and fine settings are on 0. still it always sounds a bit faster and higher on these drum programs. and surely, when i load those samples at new programs - they are fine.

so here's my question. is there a way to select all sounds, loaded to pads in program 1, and load them to same pads in program 2? would save me lots of manual drag'n'droppin ) or maybe there's even some magic convert tool?
and is there anyone, who had the same problem before?