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By Fanu Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:06 am
Alright guys…this hit me last night as I was hitting the sack.
A few thoughts. I'm sure this isn't news to everybody, but maybe there's a few good thoughts to some.

I finally thought, heck, why not try and find some plugins with really low latency.
There isn't a ton of info out there, but I started with this: ... -vsts.html
Maybe we should compile a list of our own?
(E.g., Ableton Live does display the latency caused by a plugin, so it's easy to check)

Limiter-wise, I found that at least limiters by Melda don't cause much latency (while some of my faves such as Ozone are totally non-usable in the MPC due to massive latency).
Melda Production limiters aren't too bad.
Actually, Slate Digital FG-X seems very usable on master limiting. I haven't used it that much as at some point i thought it may get a bit soft with bass music, but then again, with the MPC I mostly do oldskool type hip hop, so this should work here.
Also do notice that the legacy MPC modes seem to eliminate peaks. Nice!
I didn't measure any of this; what matters to me is what I hear. So I tried those on the master while having the metronome on and listened to how much it gets thrown off.

EQ-wise, I'm sure you can find many options, but with FabFilter ProQ2, you can use a zero latency mode, so that's your friend when using the MPC.

UAD crew:
I do use a lot of UAD stuff, which has been a nightmare with the MPC…BUT…I do admit I was never aware of the low-latency mode you can use with the plugins.
There's a microphone icon in every plugin interface, bottom left, and as you activate that, the plugin will run in a low-latency mode. I noticed you can have Oxide tape on your master on that mode, and the latency isn't that bad TBH!

List your findings and post your thoughts!