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By cunoSvaa Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:30 pm
is the jacarda faceplate a skin??? and if so is it aval anywhere?
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By Headphones Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:35 pm
ILOVETHISLIFE! wrote:Hello guys and gals. I'm new here so feel free to cybersmack me if I have done anything wrong on this first post
First off,thanks to all who contribute to this site! I just discovered this about a week ago and have already learned a bunch. So I got my MPC 1000 back recently from a buddy I lent it to for some years. Feels damn good to have my baby back! I installed the pad upgrade kit with some flourescent pads,cleaned it with some deoxit and dust off. Put new feet on her,used a hand held screwdriver so i wouldn't risk hurting the circuit board and stripping the screws..... Although this was my first time ever doing this,I had a blast and learned alot in the process. I'll continue to post pics on here as I make more modifications. I've got wood panels on the way which will be sanded and restained. Also,I got a volume knob from an old receiver I plan to put in place of the jog wheel. I got lots of ideas so this modification should be fun as long as I don't fry myself in the process These pads by the way are clean looking in the daylight and inspirational at night(there's a blacklight in the room so it really brings out the glow. It might look tacky from a pic but in person it looks pretty sharp. Anyway's,keep pics coming and thanks to all on this forum for sharing so much knowledge.

Do they still sell the Glow in the dark pads?? I probably want my MPC1000 to look like yours(except with the larger screen).
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By koffieanon Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:08 pm
Recent owner of an MPC1K. So for my first post, I'll show off mine:


I guess many won't agree with the 808 style pads on a blue faceplate, but I think it works well! I picked this unit up last November from local classifieds (needing repairs), but only got around to inspecting it fully two weeks ago. It turned out to be a BK unit in a blue disguise, so no pads upgrades necessary. Also came with OS2XL license (sweet!). I had already saved up for pad upgrades, so splurged on fat pads instead. Only had to replace most tact switches.

Now working through the Beat Making tutorial and getting familiar with this beast.

Pending modifications: new encoder, battery power(?), other aesthetic mods (input welcome!)