Technical questions for the MPC2000xl and the MPC2000
By Pleasecruelty Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:04 am
Wallace wrote:Looks like we got some house peeps up in here, that's cool!

My favs are KC, Theo, MCDE, Moodyman of course, Dennis Ferrer's older jams, all that sampled stuff, deep and or soulful, 90s jackin' style with the filtered loops. All good.

I've been putting together some pretty tight grooves no my xl with very little exp. Great machine to just pick up and work **** out.
I've been doing all the obvious things like:

- sampling chords from old records
- sampling my synths (juno and dx7)
- taking 1 bar samples and filtering down to about 10 for the bassline
- splitting samples into mono sounds and panning for spread

I'm really missing reverb and delay (coming from software) but I love the way the mpc bounces down the sounds. I can get a lovely mix just within the XL if I pick the right sounds.

If anyone has some tips, post them in here. Any tips for using song mode to arrange or more house-centric things?

These are my heroes too, why I picked up an mpc. Moody goes home every night and makes LOVE to his according to that interview.
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By loose_t Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:09 pm
My usual mastering guy is MIA. Anyone got a recommendation for someone who masters deep house who's not charging insane prices?