Technical questions for the MPC2000xl and the MPC2000
By ido.herzberg Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:30 pm
Hi, new here!
I have an Mpc2000xl and a laptop with fl studio 12 on it. ONLY these TWO pieces of equipment.

How do I connect the mpc to the computer so that the mpc is a slave to the computer and the fruity loops? And inside the fl studio, how do I find and control the mpc?
How do i send sounds to it?
Do i send sounds directly from the computer to the mpc without any audio interface?
Do I need more pieces of equipment?

I got the mpc a couple of days ago and i dont know sh#t... so I would be more than happy to get some help!
thank you!!
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By peterpiper Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:38 pm
The main question here is: What are your expectiations and what are you trying to achieve by connecting the 2000xl to your laptop/fruity as slave.

Ok, quick overview:
In music production you got AUDIO (I guess you know what it is) and you got MIDI (a digital signal protocol with different 'messages' that is used to communicate between Instruments/sequencers)

The MPC can record and play samples so its a sampler. It is also a sequencer so you can program the samples to play in a specific order.
Fruity Loops can do exact the same (and a bit more :))

MIDI connection: Since the MPC doen't have a MIDI connection via USB you'll need either a MIDI interface or (i recommend more) an audio interface with MIDI connector ... e-last=300

Connection is made via MIDI cable ... _kabel.htm in both directions (MPC OUT to Interface IN / MPC IN to Interface OUT)

If this is done you will be able to:
play fruity instruments with the pads of the MPC
sequence fruity instruments with the MPC (sequence is stored in the MPC but it plays the fruity instrument via MIDI)
sync both sequencers (hit play on either the MPC or in fruity and both sequencer will start playing with the same tempo and synced. You need to decide who is master and who is slave first)

you can also use the fruity sequencer and let it play the samples of the MPC but to be honest: I don't see a reason in doin that because of limitations in the MPC.

AUDIO connection: Lets say you buy thsi inteface ... rd_gen.htm

Interface OUT 1+2 will be connected to your Amplifier/Speaker
Interface OUT 3+4 will be connected to the MPC REC INPUT

MPC STEREO OUTPUT will be connected to INTERFACE INPUT 1+2 or 3+4

BUT.....since we're talking bout beatmaking (right?) I only see 2 reason of connecting both at this stage. And this is beeing able to sequence any VST instrument with the MPC or sync the MPC to the DAW.
Again : what do YOU expact from the connection