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By Lampdog Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:16 pm
There was a point that after I made a "pause mixtape" I'd connect one tape deck to another with the black reverb in the middle and almost every tape I made had that reverb in it. Hopefully op doesn't get obsessed like that, lol.
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By Scrawny Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:28 pm
peterpiper wrote:
Scrawny wrote:

That's really interesting. I looked these up. Is it like an FX pedal or something? How could I integrate it into my set-up of an MPC2000 and a mixer?

You don't even know what these boxes are and want to integrate in your setup? :hmmm:

The better way IMO is to use the stuff you already have. Take advantage of it. If you're there you'll know which route to go next.


I'm just curious about how it'd work lol. I don't want to add anything to the set-up. Also, the knowledge is universal. If knew how this would be integrated into my set-up, I would also know how other similar things would work.