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By JDSY Sat Jul 30, 2022 11:10 pm
hey- so I'm getting a new recording rig. I had some RAM peeter out on me with my current computer (which is like ten years old!) and I have no space left on the hard drives. SO!

I will be getting an interface new, or using my current old FIRE Studio Mobile after installing a firewire in the new computer.

but an intriguing option is to get an analogue mixer and use a fancy gaming sound card to install in my new computer. I don't know why but I used this set up for a long time from like 2002 to 2009. At that time I got a new computer and used the FIRE studio Mobile.

So I'm wondering, aside from the ability to track more than one thing at a time, into the computer, I see no problem with 'jerry rigging' a computer for sound. I feel like a mixer, and a good clean stereo input in a computer is very powerful in it's own way. I'm not thrilled about getting a little 2 or 4 channel interface for 300 bucks.


what do you guys think?

what would I be missing if I used a mixer/soundcard(gaming card)?
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By Lampdog Sun Jul 31, 2022 12:04 am
There are many mixers that are also multi channel soundcards. Tascam model 12 is one of them (usb). Behringer, I forgot the model can do mutli channel in/out also (usb). Look around. Get better technologically better, it makes the track out work easier.

At one point my whole setup was optical. I was in heaven.
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By JDSY Sun Aug 14, 2022 3:54 am
so I have the Soundblaster going playing audio great, but my connected MPC ONE analogue to the back of the computer to the new card- there's a lot of latency. Like half a second or so. I tried adjusting buffers, sample rates, bit rates... everything i could see. Anyway- i'm waiting to hear back from Creative Labs to see if they can help me. My friend was like, maybe there's something you need to change with the mpc- I was suprized, I told him, it's just analogue coming out of the MPC to the card. But what if somehow he's right? does the MPC detect anything about what its connected to audio wise? I've had this card in there for like 3 days and still trying to get it working :(