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By DEEPDOWNINSIDE Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:35 pm
How To Mount or Read Akai Sample CD-ROM On A MAC Explained

Hello, I have not been here in awhile but I am back at the MPC2K V.1 bangin' it out. My hard drive crashed with all my samples I have compiled over the years. Even the ones I purchase here. So I have to start over.

In order to rebuild my sample library I dusted off a few old AKAI Sample CDs that I received as freebies. Great! But there's one problem. The CD-ROMs are in AKAI proprietary format. Oh yeah and I don't have CD drive for my MPC2000. I usually just drop the samples and programs on to a zip drive or floppy disk from my MAC/PC then transfer them to MPC that way.

Well after a few hours of searching the internet I found several high priced solutions. Many consisted of high priced software or dead or defunct software only meant for PCs.

CDXTRACT for Windows, Mac OS9 and Mac OSX

Translatorâ„¢ Akai Edition for Mac & PC

AkaiDisk Reader S-Series Sampler Windows 3.1, 95, ME and XP NOT on NT Systems

None of those solutions were going to work for me because I buy most of my samples online in packs that are ready to go. Recently, Sample CD-ROMs and DVDs have been appearing on eBay for little or nothing but not an incentive to invest $100 in software that I was only going to use once or maybe twice a year.

1. Insert AKAI CD-ROM into Mac.
2. You will be prompted that the disc is not recognizable or unreadable. DO NOT EJECT DISK.
3. Proceed to the Application/Utilities folder then open Disk Utility a free program offered in many MAC OSX versions.
4. Once disk is inserted you should the CD icon appearing just under your DVD drive volume, on the left side of the window in the volume list.
5.Click on the icon to highlight the item, it may named "disk1s0".
6. Find and click on the "New Image" selection at the very top of Disk Utility.
7. You will be then given a new window that will require you to name the image you are about to create, so name it.
8. Choose the destination of the image. You may want to choose the desktop.
9. Under "Image Format" select DVD/CD master
10. Leave the Encryption set to NONE.
11. Now click on SAVE.
12. After several minutes depending on the size of the DVD/CD your new image will appear.
13. If you saved your new image to the desktop. Double click the image and it should mount successfully.
14. Open the enclosed folder and you should now be able to read and copy all the MPC wav., snd., programs and etc., to any media or device for transfer to your MPC.

PC USERS!!! I think you can use Alcohol 120 to perform the same task as explained here. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong and add if that info, so stay tuned.

Hope this helps someone. If this post is redundant, in the wrong place or irrelevant please delete. :D
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By DEEPDOWNINSIDE Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:39 am
HEY! Youre welcomed! Anything to pay it back to the community. I learned so much on here.

Yeah I think you should be able to burn some Akai CD but I think you would have to get a MPC or some kinda Akai program maker first. Construct and then burn an image of it. Pop it in and see if it works. Let us know if that works for you.

By the way stay tuned I am working on a new MPC blog (No name yet). Mostly dealing with the early MPCs. I hope to have a lot of little work arounds maybe some videos... Geared at the beginners cos I can't teach yall veterans on here too much.
By Clint Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:54 pm
DEEPDOWNINSIDE wrote::shock: What no sticky consideration!? Wow mang! ???

Not quite sticky material although the information may be useful to some.

I'll move this to the appropriate forum for you.
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By DEEPDOWNINSIDE Mon Oct 25, 2010 6:41 pm
clint246clint wrote:
DEEPDOWNINSIDE wrote::shock: What no sticky consideration!? Wow mang! ???

Not quite sticky material although the information may be useful to some.

I'll move this to the appropriate forum for you.

Thanks for the props. I just hope this helps someone out.
By jonny_newbie Wed Jun 24, 2015 2:15 pm
I have an AKAI sample (virtual) CD in NRG format.

I've tried CDXTRACT - it keeps crashing.
Standard mounts (daemon,PortableWinCDEmu etc) report the disc is corrupt, inaccessible, whilst CDXTRACT (& Kontakt) allow some access, and then a fatal error seems to occur and the software falls over...

Ma used to use alcohol, for burning audio CDs... will this work for me? or do you think it's a corrupt disk image?