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By Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:51 am
I just can't seem to get everything connected... Reaching out for help!

I want to be able to:
- use any of the sequencers as the master at any time (including Mac) without another needing to be powered on. The others that are powered on should act as slaves.
- use any instrument without another instrument needing to be powered on (ie. no midi thru)
- midi sync tempo between all powered devices (with easy switching of the master)
- not have to unplug any of my midi cables, ever.

I want to be able to make midi sequences using anything at anytime without relying on another piece of gear (with exception to a standalone patchbay, mixer/ audio interface that works as standalone, speakers, etc)

In a dream scenario, I would then want to be able to sample/loop audio, in a live setting, to this sync'd MIDI tempo without using my computer. (ie. audio samples auto-chopped to exactly the length of the midi sequence, live looping)

Here's the outline of my current set up:

Mac w/ Logic X
Steinberg MR816CX Audio interface
MIDIsport 4x4AE interface
Yamaha S70XS Synth/Workstation
MPC 4000
MPC 1000
Roland SP404SX
Roland RC-50 Loop pedal with a chain of effects running into it (for guitar/bass)

I believe a MIDI patchbay is what I need to do this.. I ended up scooping a Kawai MAV-8 (4in/8out midi patchbay) but after further reading I think I should have gotten something with merge. Can someone explain?

How would I want to send all info coming into the patchbay, out to my computer for logic to easily understand? Would I use only one of the outs on the patchbay and go into the MIDIsport to Mac?

Do I consider getting rid of the midi sport in favour of a patchbay+interface combo unit? It would still need to function as a standalone...

TL;DR: I want to use the MPC 1000, and/or MPC 4000, and/or Mac to control all of my midi gear. How can this be routed using a patchbay?

Your comments are most appreciated!