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By platfus118 Sun Dec 23, 2018 1:02 pm
Hey guys, moving from ableton proved to be quite pricey and complicated.
Im about to buy a mixer, but I think I need some extra features for my setup.

The gear I got:
Turntable (with preamp)
A pedalboard
Audient iD14 audio interface (This controls my monitors, i plug my MPC to this.)

I want to make my MPC the center of this setup.
How would you go about connecting these?

My main goal is sampling / recording from the turntable or OP-1, to either the MPC / SP404sx / SP303 and bounce between them (Creating an in/out loop . Maybe send some samples to my pedalboard (less important though...).

What sort of mixer should I get? One that wouldn't degrade the sound...
How would I go about routing this?

Sorry for the long post. I did use the search function but havent found much help for my specific setup

Thanks! :worthy:
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By Lampdog Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:59 pm
Sounds like you might end up with audio loops and feedback issues if you don’t get in the habit of muting or unplugging certain audio routes while sampling.

You will end up physically moving audio cables directly attached to music machines in order to sample.

Audient id14 has 10 inputs but 8 of them (adat) can’t be used with your current gear. That leaves you with 2chnls into the id14.

You will need a more robust mixer/audio interface later on.

For example. I have an mpc4k, triton extreme, 2kxl, moog.

My audio interface handles it all.
4k 8chnl adat -> interface.
Triton 2chnl optical -> interface.
2kxl 8out -> interface.
Moog mono chnl -> interface.

Interface has multiple outputs IF I want to send audio back into any of them for sampling or whatever.

Some mixer/interfaces have onscreen patchbays where you can route any chnl to any other chanl as well.
By platfus118 Mon Dec 24, 2018 10:22 am
Been thinking about a patchbay instead of a mixer.
Cheaper and less cluttered.
Let me know if this will work:

SP303 -> IN and OUT > Patchbay
SP404 -> IN and OUT > Patchbay
Turntable -> OUT > Patchbay
MPC -> STEREO OUT > Audient iD14 > Monitors
MPC -> 8 OUTS > Patchbay
MPC -> REC IN > Patchbay

and then I'll just patch stuff up in the patchbay

am I doing this right?
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By NearTao Mon Dec 24, 2018 1:01 pm
I went the patch bay route myself... looks like you’ve got the idea. If you end up getting noise don’t forget it may be bad or failing cables... they can introduce grief when you least expect it.
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By Lampdog Mon Dec 24, 2018 2:35 pm
Yep, patchbay is a great idea no doubt.

Mines built into the interface. Some interfaces can be used and configured with/without computer.

Some interfaces have hardware channel strip efx if you need.

Some interfaces have mobile apps that can control every function of the interface.

I’d like to see what patchbay your considering.

By platfus118 Mon Dec 24, 2018 3:27 pm
Thanks for the comments guys!

I was actually thinking about getting a Behringer PX3000 (Heard only good things about it, despite it being a Behringer) and not the Samson S-Plus or the Neutrik one.
I don't have the Samson where I live and shipping is ridiculously expensive.
The Neutrik patchbay isn't as intuitive as the Behringer since you have to take the faceplate off before switching the normalization.