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By rolandolus Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:12 pm

first of all i hope this is the right section for this topic. if not, please tell me or move it.

i'm trying to connect equipment via midi:
MASTERKEYBOARD (roland rd300)
SYNTH (roland jx3p)
& MPC 1000

like this
MASTERKEY (midi out) --> (midi in) SYNTH (thru) --> (midi in) MPC

but how can i record some midi notes, played with the master, into the mpc and then play it in the next step from mpc so the synth will play the sounds?
of course i have connected my audio cable of the synth and i hear the sound.

probably its an easy thing to do, but as an beginner i have no idea whats the problem.

thanks in advance!