For discussion about setting up your studio and advice on the gear and equipment within it.
By metallum Mon Dec 20, 2021 7:10 pm
Recently switched from electrons/maschine/push2 to Akai world... And I'm really impressed. Making music is soo easy and inspiring here..:) I own a lot of hardware synths and modular so first I bought Akai Force to work
with it in a dawless setup (Ableton type). And it works great as a recorder, sampler and so.. BUT I also had anopportunity to buy MPC X monster in a very good price... what I did..:). So now I own both. After mangling playing sequencing and so... stuff I realized that MPCX is much more (for me) enjoyable with sequencing external gear and overall playing.. On the other way FORCE is better for arranging clips and songs (You know it:)) I added Tascam model12 to have more inputs ..very happy. SO....I'm thinking of a setup where MPC X is sequencer, sampler...all MPC stuff.. and FORCE is just a recorder and arranger (audio from MPC and synths). Is it heresy?:) Anyone has such a combo. Of course I tried it and works fine..but I'm new in MPC..hopefully learning fast..:). What are Your thoughts about it?
By DokBrown Tue Dec 21, 2021 4:21 pm
I do not own a FORCE but it clearly caters to the ableton/EDM new generation. You notice there is not FORCE software b/c they expect you to use ableton LIVE. If you want old-school [Cubase/pro-tools] linear sequencing/audio editing then the MPC is a better bet.

Having both is the best of both worlds but I imagine 1 of these machines will be the frontrunner in your setup. The sooner you figure out which 1 is you, the better . . . . . .

I do not use the software yet but a nice combo might be the AKAI FORCE & MPC software with a proper midi/audio interface.
By metallum Tue Dec 21, 2021 8:28 pm
Yes lack of Force software ,explains its integration towards Ableton more. I have big problems with midi clock and Force...its not working as a midi.tried many other gear with it ,even super stable e-rm clock devices. It has to me master. But I have read that it don't have a problem after synced to Ableton tho...
I prefer to play on Mac as an instrument and use force as a recorder ,clip player. Also noticed that sampled synth (recorded) to the loop...pops noice crackles at the beginning..and so. I have to manage zero crossings as well. I think its due to not stable clock..