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By Bigheaded Tue Jan 25, 2022 3:21 am
Right now I have a pretty basic setup, Windows 11 Laptop, Numark Scratch for I guess you could say my interface, and Fluid Audio FX50 studio monitors. I ordered an MPC One tonight and it will be here Wednesday. I currently don't have any audio cables to hook it up. When I'm not in my room and using it in standalone mode I'll just use my Pioneer HDJX10 headphones. My question's when I have it hooked up to my PC. I could plug in with just USB and let my Numark handle the audio. Or I could run TRS cables from the MPC to one of the Line In's on the Numark and have the MPC set as the audio device in windows. I know the RCA's on the Numark aren't balanced, but I think for what I'll be doing I doubt I'd even notice if there was a small difference in SQ. I know I'm probably overthinking things here, but maybe there's a reason I should go with 1 method over the other that my brain can't process.

If it doesn't matter I won't worry about buying audio cables I don't need, but if someone here who knows stuff tells me otherwise. I'll pick up some TRS to 1/8th cables.

By Bigheaded Tue Jan 25, 2022 8:21 am
BostonGreen wrote:I don't know if you'll have issues, but win 11 isn't currently supported by akai I've read

OOOH, I ask about audio cables and you bring up something I hadn't even considered. Well, at worst it won't work and I can just use it on standalone mode. And at best, it will work like everything else I have. Windows 11 is basically Windows 10 with some tweaks and new features. But, I am sure there will be some hardware won't function properly, or even work at all maybe.

Gonna be interesting to see when I hook it up. Google's not turning up much of anything when I searched this, and Akai's stance is "wait until we mention it works before you upgrade to 11" They're not exactly saying it doesn't work, but what they wrote doesn't exactly instill faith in me. Welp, if it doesn't work it doesn't work. And I'm sure if that's the case Akai's working on fixing things. I know nothing about how good Akai's support is when it comes to actual updates. I did just realize they're owned by the same parent company as M-Audio. And M-Audio has an absolutely terrible history of updating products to work with new OS's.

This should be fun lol. I'm off to see if I can find anything else on Google.