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By Jogge Wed Jan 18, 2023 12:18 pm
Hey guys,

my 2000XL has the 8 output expansion and I thought I could make use of that by hooking it up with a multirecord mixer like the Tascam Model 12 which serves as a USB interface with multiple outputs to my DAW. The main thing is I want to be able to play/record my drums seperated from each other to further modify them in my DAW. I also like the general idea of having a small EQ that I can control by knobs.

As my knowledge of setting up mixers and analog gear and connecting it all together I have the following questions:

1. Could I connect my individual 1-8 mono outs from the MPC to the Tascam 12 and from there send it to separate recording tracks allowing me to record the different drum sounds at the same time on different channels?
2. Can I setup the following chain? Vinyl player (my vinyl player has a built in pre-amp) -> Tascam 12 (EQ/compression) -> MPC 2000XL (sampling)?
3. Could I send out audio from my DAW (logic pro) to the mixer and then use the AUX outputs of the mixer to send the signal back to my MPC 2000XL which would allow me to sample direclty from my macbook into the MPC? I currently have a Scarlett 2i2 audio interface if that helps in this scenario
4. Could I use the midi in/out of the mixer to MIDI sync my MPC with my DAW?

I know those are very specific questions but I would be very glad if someone could answer them or has any other idea how to setup this whole thing of getting seperated tracks into a DAW. I obviously thought about getting a simple audio interface. This would cost be me about 400 with the amounts of inputs I need and thus I thought about spending 200 more and getting a whole mixer.