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By harmonik Wed Nov 29, 2006 10:11 am
Hi Forum,

I have beeen reading a lot of posts here and I can tell that you guys are serious about sharing information/insights. I have been waiting to get my hands on the MPC before posting any questions or concerns. Since I got it 2 days ago, I have been mastering the layout for a better understanding of the beast and I can tell you that I am very pleased.

However, I do have a question for some of you that are using Logic with the MPC. I want the mpc to be the Master and Logic to be the slave. My Setup consists of an MPC 1k, Logic Pro, M-Audio OZONIC. The Ozonic has one midi I/O and is an audio interface. In Logic's setup, I have created a midi interface with connected port IN KEYBOARD EXTERNAL and Connected port OUT KEYBOARD EXTERNAL and called it MPC. I have connected all the cables properly to set up the MPC the be the master and it has worked properly. In Logic's Environment, I have created a physical input of which I have attached the External part of the Ozonic to a Channel Splitter and connected Channel 1 to 16 to 16 different Instruments within Logic.

Since I want to use Logic as a sound module, I am able to record the Drum Patterns from the MPC to Logic but I cannot record an actual audio track from my insturments. The Midi Events have been recorded in the MPC but I failed to understand the reason behing not being able to record the sounds. I am already loving the workflow between the two sequencers and if I can make this work that would be a killer/perfect setup for someone to produce with ;as Logic would never crash or stop to state it has overloaded. I am pretty sure some of our power users might find and underline something that I am missing. I have spent more than 6 hours trying to figure out. I have attached teh instruments to an audio track, bus, aux, anything I can think of but it does not work. Desperate Times call for Drastic Measures (hence The Forum Experts 8) .)

If there's a lack of info, please feel free to post a reply.

Thank you in advance,


P.S I am still under the Factory V2 (BLACK MPC) if that matters