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By 3rik Sun Apr 06, 2008 4:36 pm
im tryin to trigger samples in my mp with this keyboard...ive tried not new to this either....anyone know if this midi keyboard just isnt compatible with the 500? (it works if i run the midi out of the midi keyboard into my usb midi interface...then from there i run a cable from the out of my interface to the midi in of the mpc...i used bomes mouse keyboard to loop the midi connection on the usb midi interface(i set the midi in from the oxygen 49 and set midi out to the corresponding midi output that goes to the mp midi in and then i turned on midi thru)....but why cant i run the midi out of the keyboARD straight to the mp??? id appreciate any help

Oxygen 49----->
USB midi Interface(midi connection loops)
MPC 500<--------
By brazeca Sat May 10, 2008 2:21 pm
Try connecting an edirol or korg midi keyboard (or any other brand other than M-Audio) or a synth to MPC. You can do it in any music instruments store, given that MPC500 works on batteries. If it works then it's the bug in your m-audio keyboard. If it doesn't, then it's just in the devices' settings: midi channels, octave settings and etc.
By bANGbANG Sun May 11, 2008 8:08 am
alright thanks for the tip, i already did that i hooked up a yamaha and an edirol keyboard and it still doesnt work. im goin back to the place where i bought my mpc and try it again with another keyboard, beacause im pretty sure that the settings in my mpc are correct after reading all the posts on this forum --> (midi channel, octaves, etc.)
Maybe other tips?
By brazeca Sun May 11, 2008 12:28 pm
OK, if it doesn't work with other keyboards then congratulations, it is not your Oxygen. I highly recommend checking up midi channels (they should be the same on both sides). In MPC you can check it out in Track parameters. By the way, remember that you have to assign the program you want to play manually to a track in a sequence first, then set the midi channel for this track. Set the same midi channel in your keyboard and make sure to choose the right octave. It should work.

Another tip for checking out midi configuration. Try connecting MPC's midi-out to a synth's midi-in or wire it up to Reason via midi interface, set the same midi channels and play some pads. If everything is set up correctly, then you'll hear a sound from the synth or see if Reason gets an incoming midi signal.

I am pretty sure the problem is in midi settings.
By bANGbANG Tue May 13, 2008 7:42 pm
sup boys!

i still have this problem and i hope somebody can help me. i want to buy a new keyboard but i want to make sure i did everything possible to let my setup work.
this is my setup:

keystation 49e midi out --> mpc 500 midi in
keyboard power suply.
usb NOT connected.
mpc midi out in this case not used.

loaded up prgm with all the notes assigned correctly (padA1 c1 - padD12 b4)

track settings:
assigned prgm
mute track = off
midi channel = 1
track type = drum (and i tried midi, no pos result)

midi sync settings:
receive channel = all
soft thru = off
pad to sampler = on
sync = off
default note assign

keystation settings:

midi data out = channel 1
(advanced function + D1 for the keystation 49e users)

and i tried every channel 1 - 16 and each time i set the midi channel mpc to the same channel as the keystation.

cables are fine because when i hook up the mpc midi in - pc midi out i can sync it with my daw.

i also can play vsts, reason etc with my pads if i hook the mpc midi out - with pc midi in.

so my mpc also works fine.

keystation connected with my daw works also fine. (analog and digital)

so what can be the problem here? is m-audio not compatible with akai mpcs? i dont think so right?

please help!

thanks, bang.
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By 3rik Tue May 13, 2008 8:22 pm
in the settings on the keystation there should be a option for you to choose where you want to transmit the midi out, either trough the usb or midi oxygen has this option but it still didn't work for me, maybe it'll work in your case