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By MrShifty Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:44 pm
Hi. I have an mpc1000 and two external synths. One is a synth with a keyboard that I want to use as the controller, the other is just a module with no keyboard. I also have an external clock going into the mpc. What I want to achieve is to be able to sequence both synths on seperate tracks in the mpc, and also play both synths (seperately) with the keyboard - to both audition sounds and to record sequences.

So i’ve plugged everything in as follows:

Clock -> mpc MIDI in 1.
Keyboard MIDI out -> mpc MIDI in 2.

Mpc MIDI out A -> keyboard MIDI in
Mpc MIDI out B -> module MIDI in

I have the keyboard set to midi channel 1, and the module set to midi channel 2 (in their own internal settings). And I have the soft thru set to omni A-B in the

I was expecting to be able make one track with MIDI 1A on and have it be the keyboard synth and another track with MIDI 1B on and it be the module.

However, it hasn’t quite worked out this way. What is actually happening is that the keyboard synth is playing in every channel in the mpc (1-16A and 1-16B), and the module isn’t sounding at all. Now, if I change the module to MIDI channel 1, it plays on every channel, along with the keyboard synth.

So, what am I doing wrong?

Disclaimer - I only have a remedial understanding of all this MIDI stuff so I beg patience from you! Also I must note that I have read through the related section in the manual but it’s not very clear to me on how to set this all up. I’m running the latest free JJOS, if that has any bearing.

Many thanks!
By Rainbowniite Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:30 pm
You’ve probably figured this out by now but..

Midi out from mpc to midi in on your synth
Midi out front your synth to midi in mpc
Set your mpc softthru to ‘as track’
Turn your synth/keyboard to ‘local midi off’

You should be able to use it to control whatever you want on any midi channel