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By bod Mon May 13, 2019 3:59 pm
Hey guys. :)

First: I'm bod and last friday I got my hands on an MPC 1000 for cheap (€200)

With that out of the way, I have some questions, which I couldn't find an answer to. Or my google fu has failed me.

1st: It shouldn't really matter with this, but I hate the green LEDs and want to double check. Is there anything I should avoid at all costs when replacing them? Like a certain type or something. Not the screen, but the lights.

2nd: The pads are usable, but it's still the old system with the single pads. They're working OK and for now I hooked up one of my Novation Circuits to be able to play without breaking my fingers. Although I searched up and down for a supplier here in Europe, there's only mpc-stuff selling any spare parts at all, right? (I also need to replace two buttons)

3rd: The upper Qlink fader isn't working. No big deal for me, but a shot in the dark as an indicator would probably help me big time. That's way down the list though.

So, thanks for your help in advance and reading this wall of text.