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By Doydank Tue Feb 04, 2020 10:46 am
Hi guys.

I am running cables from my MPC1000's main output into Alesis 3630 Input A and B.
Using Assignable Mix Out 1 and 2 from the MPC into Sidechain A and B on the compressor.

I'm using double Kick techique - feeding one of the kick tracks into the sidechain for the ducksauce.

It works.

I am using stereo link on the 3630 so I only use the A side of the compressor (for now).

After lots of tweaking and testing, I get it to duck somewhat okey, but not like it ducks in some of the videoes I've seen online.

Have I set it up right? Can you tell me if this technique "correct or maybe give me a direction / advice on a better cable setup?

I've read all the other posts on these forums regarding this subject. Any advice is welcome.