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By Mugabe420 Wed Jan 13, 2021 12:52 am
Hi everyone, so I got my MPC 1000 just the other day and installed JJOS2XL today before immediately getting the paid version. So far, so good.

However, I noticed that I can't access the current internal memory like my previous machine. In the 'access to:' option that you arrive at when loading or saving, there is only the Memory Card available to select - the scroll wheel doesn't let you scroll anywhere else (i.e. to internal memory or flash drive).

When I reverted back to the free version installed (JJOS 3.16) previously I was able to access internal memory and my hard disk, but it appears that my internal memory files are all corrupted, just showing random ASCII characters. The hard disk has disappeared. This leads me to believe that this I why I can't access them when I boot the machine up with JJOS2XL is because they corrupted during installation of the new OS. I tried reformatting the machine but I was met with this ominous 'SYSTEM ERROR!!!' message whenever I tried. I also cannot manually delete the corrupted files housed on the internal memory via the PC USB because it wont allow access.

If anyone of you could help me, I would appreciate this massively. I've searched high and wide on MPC forums and can't find a solution, now I'm worried that I've possibly bricked my machine.
By allendjp Fri Jan 15, 2021 11:28 pm
The "corrupted" files is COMPLETELY normal as a result of installing JJOS. You also don't need access to the internal memory. It's not a lot by any means and it doesn't even show up in JJOS2XL. I would try doing a factory reset by holding down ERASE while powering on. It doesn't factory restore, it just clears up all your settings to default. This is almost always a necessary step when jumping from OS to OS.