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By Lampdog Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:53 am
JeriKo Jackson wrote:
Lampdog wrote:Did I miss something?

no sir... that was my way of saying THANKS. sorry for any confusion.

Did it work out for you, did you fix **** or what?
By JeriKo Jackson Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:58 pm
Did it work out for you, did you fix **** or what?

word... changing the sample rate to 48k was the move. s/pdif is working properly on both the in and out. sync is set to internal as it should be. Thanks again for your help!

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By Lampdog Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:00 am
Yep! Spdif/adat spec is 48khz. Glad you got it working!
Other than that you won't get lock and nothing works. Once you get lock sync lights you are golden!
By tschiggi Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:39 pm
Hey there,

sorry for digging out that old topic. I was wondering, was the noise issue on the MPC S/PDIF ever solved? I'm using 48k, 75 Ohm Cable and a Firewire Audiofire 4 as the interface.

By dlab Thu Nov 12, 2020 7:51 am
Let's dig this one out of the grave to see if anybody still cares!

So.... got an ultimatum from my better half to start using my dusty gear collection or throw it all away... in the pile MPC1K and also Echo Audiofire 4... When I looked at it I remembered the digital crackling going through my spine and endless trial and error to get it work. Gave up a couple years ago after what I thought was good effort...
So I updated everything and just was blown away how far the JJOS went in those 5+years - just made me to give it a proper try again - got stuck on analog I/O counts at some point (AF is only 4/4) and had to face the S/PDIF again...

Got it working (I think) last night, wrote that settings dance down, let see if it works again. Maybe my mind is clearer these days but I was able to put together that there are actually two issues causing crackles in my setup, on related to MPC and one to AudioFire - I think this broke me last time as I thought it is just MPC playing tricks on me....

I have both Digital IN/OUT cables connected between MPC and AF (Master Level does not seem to play a role in my case)

So lets do it (has to be done every time):
1. Turn everyting on
2. Echo 48khz, Logic 48khz, S/PDIF format Professional (probably does not matter), Clock Source Internal, AudioMIdi Setup (on mac) Clock source Audiofire
Status: No sound from MPC, No crackles
3. Clock source on AF to S/PDIF
Status: absolute digital mayhem with a slight hint of beats underneath
4. Go to MODE+5 (RECORD) switch source to DIGITAL - Now the Option in AF settings to sync to S/PDIF is greyed out, Click on INTERNAL Sync
5. Press Play - crackle free digital out between MPC and AF!!

That is just one part of the story... I still get crackling now and then and last time I thought it is the MPC sync but I realised that it is some kind of sync between Mac and AF - when the logic is closed and I am listening only on AF out it is clean.
Sometimes it is fine another time it just keeps going like a little spark every few seconds... well I am running in through FW->Thunderbolt adapter...selber schuld. Yesterday I thought it was in the console settings - I muted all the tracks on the internal mixer and it seemed to be going fine for like a 30min. Thought wow digital overload loop or something. Went to sleep like a winner and tried it now and same issue is there... One done, one to go.

Hope this helps somebody!

By dlab Fri Nov 13, 2020 6:46 pm
a little bit more experimentation on the AF->Mac problem - I am running Logic and project is set to 48, when I click 44 in the AF console it goes to 44 but then it is forced back to 48 by logic - this probably forces re-sync as well so after it bounces back I hear some crackles for a while and than it goes clean for ... well it has been an hour or two... sometimes I have to click 44 couple times to get it working but nothing major (2-3 times)...

Well looks like this is the end in my little setup :-)

I hope AF is not going to die on me now when we figured it out - I was looking for a replacement and I just does not like anything that is out there (well RME but 800e for a soundcard...). Any tips?
By dlab Sun Sep 12, 2021 7:37 am
so new M1 based mac will probably never get Echo drivers so I bought used RME fireface 400 and all the problems are gone... Great card banging my head why did I waited for so long...