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By Adahma Sun Jul 03, 2022 8:31 pm

I've been working with my MPC 1000 for years, but still have never figured out how to do stutter chopping. I've searched this forum, and done a youtube search but haven't found anything. In the past I've done a glitch sound by highlighting the tail of the sample and doing note repeat, but is there a way to do it where the entire chop will stutter (like maybe doing it with time stretching). I have JJOS 2xl and also use Studio One as my DAW. I'm sure I can do it in a DAW, but would like to figure out how to do it on the MPC. Apologies in advance if I haven't done enough homework (reading the manual etc.). I appreciate any and all feedback or suggestions.
By Adahma Tue Jul 05, 2022 4:27 am
I actually just remembered that I posted a similar question on this forum years ago and that is where I got the feedback to do note repeat on the tail of the sample. If there is any other way to do this I'd appreciate any feedback. What I'm looking to do is what is done to the sample in this song
By Emilie Thu Jul 28, 2022 9:43 pm
Maybe i don't fully understand your question but it sounds like short loops in the sample. You can take a short sound, divide it into x pieces, make a program and loop them. Then you can play around with the pads
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By Sense-A Mon Aug 01, 2022 3:29 pm
That actually sounds like scratching using turntables and a cross fader

You could attempt a similar effect by going to mode, slider, and assigning Q1 and or Q2 to sample start and sample end points. In JJOS2XL it shows as S.Start and S.End and you can target the entire track or specific pads.

Then you can punch the pads while playing with the slider and the sample will start at different points as you slide and tap pads. It will imitate scratching on turntables but not quite the same
By Adahma Mon Aug 08, 2022 1:40 pm
Thanks for your response. I'll give that a try, but I've honestly never had much luck with figuring out how to use the sliders. I've watched vids and read the manual and never quite understood how to best use them. I'll keep playing around with it and see if I can figure it out.