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By Sidney Fisher Mon Sep 18, 2023 2:27 pm
As of a few days ago, all of my sequences and internal sounds (WAVs) are badly distorting both through the amplifier and the head fones. I havn't dropped the instrument and this is the second one I have owned in ten years, and have never experienced this before.

The first day it happened, it corrected itself after a couple seconds and the sound was clear and normal. Now it is distorting loudly.

After doing some reading, it looks like this might be a hardware issue with the 'ribbons'? (or maybe pre-amps?) idk! This def feels to me like a hardware issue but fyi, I am using JJ OS3.

Everything else loads fine and buttons are working and the midi sequences which are synched to external synths are triggering perfectly.

I am expected to play live soon, so any help would be super greatly appreciated!!!
Thank you :)