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By OKJoy Sun Nov 12, 2023 10:10 am
Whats up MPC forums, didn't know if someone already posted this before. I just wanted to share a discovery with you. I found a brand of CF to SD card adapter that works in my 1k.

Been testing it, saving and loading works great so far. Just to let you know, I'm on the free JJOS, version 3.16. Hoping it'll work with the full JJOS and possibly the mpc 2500.

I bought this CF Card adapter:

And I bought a 128GB Lexar SD card. From my understanding, that's the maximum the 1k can recognize, but hopefully someone else can confirm this.

Wanted to share the knowledge, because my production methods require a lot of storing samples for future use, so this has been such a great discovery for me. Just remember to format the SD card, with the adapter, in your 1k first. After that, check the load screen and it should recognize your SD.