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By NeckUno1 Mon Mar 19, 2012 7:52 am
Hi everyone!
I`m a new member of this forum. I have bought used MPC1000v2 (it was damaged, but i have repaired it myself, I will post instructions how to but later). I was wondering is it possible to connect a hard drive to MPC without this f.....g adapter which price is to big for a piece of **** metal :) And I have a one question. Does anybody tried this?
All we need it`s just standard 44 or 50-pin cable for 2,5" HDD and soldering iron to connect it to the PCB of MPC.

I have prepared the comparison of pins in the machine and the pinouts of HDD.

Sorry for my english, i`m from Poland.


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By NeckUno1 Fri Mar 23, 2012 8:07 am
The price of HDM-10 kit in Poland is around 40$ and 44-Pin IDE cable is 6$ so I think it`s worth it because the rest of money I will spend on some other stuff e.g HDD. Also the way to do isn`t hard for me because I love to mod/repair electronic stuff myself. I just asked is somebody does something similar and is it worked?
By mcschippenhorst Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:54 am
Yeah for me it was the challenge to overcome this dependency to MPC Stuff and the 40€ shipping to Germany....
At the end with all that trying it may have cost me the dame or more :-) but i´m happy to know that my Diy Adapter works....hihi

Okidoke so the things you need (if you do it like me. Different solutions are possible) are

- 3M MDR ( Mini Delta Ribbon) Female Connector with 50 Pins. / But you have to remove the metal bracket.(easy)
- a ATA ribbon cable 50 wires / that you will have to divide in the middle and connect the first 25 to one side of the MDR IDC CRIMPS and the other 25 to the other side

-a 44 pin/hole PATA 2m pitch connector. / ( I cut one out from a old external 2,5" harddisk usb cases PCB)

You could take the MDR PCB mount style like on the MPC male side or like i did the IDC Ribbon style connector. I Crimped it in my vise ;-) ( Careful it can easyly break )

Part Number is

3M 10250-0210EC ( IDC Version)

I also found a non shielded after i ordered one

3M 10150-8000EE

And here the PCB mount style

3M 10250-55H3PC


3M 10250-52A2

there are nultiple versions that all should fit the male connector on the MPC side (with removed metal case)

You also might wanna check out that pcb brakout board. But it´s a bit pricy


So and then you have the PIN Diagramm.

The service manual says this:

But as i measured with my multimeter that is not correct.

what i measured looks like this ( it works for me but no guarantee! please double check. Maybe there are differences between the MPC1000 models)


You can now use a PATA 44 Pin Drive oder an SD Card adapter like this one in the Video

Hope that helps so far and if there is anything to ask... ask it.

have a nice day
By nrrrd Wed Oct 24, 2018 7:32 pm
Danke schön, @mcschippenhorst, that's all really useful.
The difference between what you've done and the MPCstuff adapter and the official pin out is that they both use a 50pin IDE connector and you have used a 44pin IDE connector. Could this explain the difference in the pin outs? In the video above the first 3 pins are unused. I'll have to study the pin out diagrams above to determine whether this lines up with what you've done.

Thanks for all the info
By mcschippenhorst Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:48 pm
Hi the difference is that the conversion takes place directly via the cables. No extra PCB.

The uncorrect PIN out makes sense in a way that they bundled them in Groups. I realized that when i manually soldered all the cables.
actually the order is aleady on the MPC HDD Connector in this fashion. I just didn´t mark it in my JPG.
I simply didn´t have a 50 hole connector flying around. If you look close in the Video the first 6 pins are not in use. (The 4 Master and Slave select Pins are not used plus the empty ones you normally have in the PATA connector.) You can see it in the shematics of the PATA HDD.
As well as the others where i did not put in red text. They are also NC not connected.
only 39 of the 42 from the board coming are used.
So i used an old one i had around.
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By Sense-A Mon Jan 20, 2020 1:51 am
Awesome posts by mcschippenhorst

Here's how you can make your own internal CF card for less than $20.

You need:
1. 3m MDR connector, 50 pin $7.12 plus tax/shipping ... ND/1091820

2. Arduino cables. female to female. 5 to 10cm long. at least 50 of them. here is 80 for $3.98 ... 2992751056

3. The CF to IDE adapter. $2 ... SwM0BeAa8f

That's an adapter for under $20 if you're patient to get all the parts from China. Use some double sided tape from the dollar store to mount the small cf pcb inside.

Now it gets even better. You can mount a 128GB mini SD card inside! Just get a SD to CF card adapter.

4. SD SDHC SDXC To CF Compact Flash Memory Card Adapter Reader IA Converter ... 3324970697 $10

5. 128gb mini sd cards go for about $20. Don't buy the fake ones off ebay. Get this from newegg or bestbuy or a trusted vendor.

For $50 total you could have a mini sd mounted inside your mpc 1000.

I'll post some pictures later when I get it all hooked up.
By Bumathan Mon Feb 15, 2021 4:10 pm
I'm glad I've found this thread. Loads of interesting infos.
I would like to do the same mod and avoid buying a hdd kit from MpcStuff, mainly because of the shipping and duties costs.

@mcschippenhorst I'm wondering if the images of your mod/kit are still posted somewhere... or would you mind re-uploading them to the thread if you still have them please ? You mention that one has to cut the ribbon cable in the middle, I would like to see how it's done... Or perhaps I'll use some Arduino cables as suggested by @Sense-A I hope I won't mess up with the pinout...

Thanks !
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By Sense-A Tue Feb 16, 2021 7:47 pm
The board from MPC Stuff is only $40 and for most that's the easiest solution.

All this board really is is an adaptation. It could be a wire adapter. It doesn't have to be a pcb board.

Get the MDR connector from digikey to connect to existing MPC 1000 motherboard. From there you can just utilize an old IDE cable if you have one around. A solder iron and careful attention to the pin-out diagrams already shared. Switching up a ground and a +5V could fry something.


I want to slap whoever at NuKai decided that a mini ribbon cable connection was appropriate for an IDE interface, or even requiring that the customer have to buy an adapter requiring internal installation for something they should have just designed with an IDE connection. I don't get the design choice at all. It makes no sense. The MDR interface is more often used for the modern 50 pin SCSI, no? :Sigh:
By Bumathan Wed Feb 17, 2021 10:31 am
Thanks for your reply @Sense-A

Yes you're correct, these MDR connectors are present on the SCSI to IDE adapters like the one found on Amazon. I was expecting to find an adapter similar to the one sold by mpcstuff* but they never have the correct amount of pins on the Sub-d side, they're mostly MDR 68pins to IDE 50 pins, so I'll just order the 3M part from Farnell or something and do a pin to pin soldering like you suggest.

I noticed the annotated schematic after posting, thankfully this image is still online.

For a moment I was also envisaging an FPC to IDC 50 pins connector (FPC breakout board), completely bypassing the MDR connector, I guess that could work too


or simply desoldering the MDR connector and solder my cables from there but let's keep it clean :D


* re MpcStuff adapter: we're looking at 80€ minimum with shipping and duties and VAT to EU, that's mainly why I want to avoid that otherwise, their adapter seems perfectly fine ;)