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By insoul8 Mon Dec 17, 2018 8:47 pm
So I have two CF cards with my MPC1000. Both are Akai cards, one is the 32MB card that came with it, the other is an 8GB card. Neither seem to work in the MPC though it does recognize that a card has been inserted.

When i go to the SAVE/LOAD menu with no card inserted, it works fine and I'm able to click around. If I go to format, it tells me there is no card inserted.

The moment I put either of those two cards in, that menu alone gets remarkably slow. I have to mash the buttons 20 times to get it to finally select whatever option I'm trying to choose. After a while, it allows me to get to the format screen and finally click format. Then I see the formatting... message come up. I've let it sit like that for hours with no luck.

Both cards work fine in my CF reader attached to my PC. I've tried formatting one of them to FAT32 default allocation size and that didn't seem to help. I've also made sure the ribbon cables are snug for the CF reader PCB. Any ideas? Is my reader just kaput? Anything else I can try?