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By j_fields Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:52 pm
From an old post on vintagesynth... "I got one of these to 'upgrade' from my Korg ESX-1 after swallowing all the hype about the 'punch' and 'groove' etc. I couldn't hear it, TBH. I COULD hear that it cuts off/fades in the beginning of every sample, which is particularly noticeable on kick drums and clicky percussion"

Is this a setting he did not change, or does the MPC 1000 actually impose a split second fade in and out on samples?

Did he clip samples poorly in the wave editor?

If the MPC 1000 actually imposed a slight fade in and fade out, it wouldn't be acceptable for professional use in my opinion but I can't find anyone else mentioning this being an issue
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By Menco Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:10 pm
Have used several MPC’s over a decade, including the MPC 1000. I’ve never experienced this kind of behaviour except in some cases of poor sample editing and inapropriate envelope settings.
Like you stated yourself, if the fading in of the sample was standard MPC 1000 behaviour it wouldn’t be used on a professional level or wouldn’t have the legecy status it rightfuly has. Mind you it has become such a popular instrument because of it’s flawless responsivness.