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By dryad-66 Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:08 am
So 2 year ago i posted this same question and got some answers that did not answer my question and now im back on this amazin lil beast (JJOS2XL) i will ask again.....

Why do my longer samples cut off when im sequencing them in a mix with other percussion sounds ? Very very frustrating.I cant believe nobody seems to know or care.It happens with my 2000 too.Got a few tracks of drums goin,wanna lay a track with a synth thats 2 bars lenth for instance and it cuts frickin out! and well before the bar ends ect !! Tried putting sample on different programme ect.....Same.Ive just got a few tracks of sounds going.Its pretty damn obvious and crucial that it does not do this.Any wise heads wanna chip in :smoker:

Its pretty much in default mode.Ive not set up any fancy samples to cut off other samples ect...
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By quietizkept Thu Jul 04, 2019 2:59 am
Double check to make sure sounds don't share a mute group. It may be on for some reason, through no fault of your own.

Maybe check each program to see if it is set to mono or poly playback. It's a long shot but in mono playback, a note in a weird place with a velocity of zero would do what you describe. If you change the program to poly and it quits cutting off, you're one step closer.

If you use a template, ditch it. You could be copying messed up settings to every project.

It's been years & my giant manual is in storage - but if you can find out or figure out how, reset the device. That should kill every weird setting. I'm sure that info is here somewhere.

Maybe even reinstall the OS. They can occasionally get messed up. Again, search here to find out how. I forgot that ish too with my old ass.

My first thought was a ram limitation, but I would figure you would get the "out of ram" message before it started effing with polyphony. Maybe bad ram? Ringing a faint bell from my hazy 1000 days.

Wait - back up a second. Are you putting different sounds on different programs? I.E. one for drums, one for perc, one for samples? I actually use one program per type (hats, cymbals, perc, snares, kicks, etc.). Again if polyphony is mono, a new perc would cut off any playing sample..

Also, in each sequence, each track should use the same program project-wide, or you'll have problems.

My old brain is fried. 10 years ago I probably could have remembered more. Sorry if these don't help.
By dryad-66 Thu Jul 04, 2019 7:52 am
Thanx for the input.I will do another big check up and test today.The thing is it only seems (from the feedback) it only happens to me :? It used to happen on my old 2000 too.Never worked it out.Mysterious.And anoying.I tried a different programme.And poly/mono settings.Wiil check mute groups now.And will try using another output for long sample.Weird....Does not always happen but happpens a lot.Its happened on the 2000's and 2 separate 1000's so.....Did not happen on my 4000.5000 Live or X.