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By Magnetic Productions Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:27 am
Peace, yall
So, I just recently joined the MPC world and scooped me a 1000. I'm so hyped and I've already learned a lot.
I originally used the Maschine MK3, so I have a question about sampling in regards to whether it's possible if I could sample on the MPC the same way I could sample on the MK3.

In the 1000, (I'm on JJOS2XL), there's an AUTO feature for chopping your samples. This feature was also available on the Maschine MK3, but I'm not really feelin the auto chops as I want full control of how my chops are and where they're placed. Is there any possible way I could chop samples without using "Auto"? Like, could I dissect the loop into various chops I make on my own, and distribute them amongst the pads that way?

Hopefully this makes sense. If it doesn't, I'm asking whether it's possible to MANUALLY chop your samples as opposed to using the AUTO feature where the MPC guesses how you want to chop/slice your samples up. Please help if yall can. Thanks!
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By MPC-Tutor Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:59 am
I have a mpc1000 chopping tutorial that you can download for free from the product page of my MPC1000 ebook: ... e-mpc1000/

While not for jjosxl it should give you a better understanding of the MPC chopping process in general. I also have a dedicated book for JJOSXL which covers chopping in great detail, specifically written for JJOSXL: ... ing-bible/